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Luminous and beyond

Post by Naomi on Tue Feb 16, 2010 5:44 pm

The events which unfolded on this night have filled her head so much that she cannot sleep. A guild history and a violet past memory re-emerging.

Today was the grand celebration of the Lumious Path being formed by people who had the same goal, one year to date. The celebrations were amazing, ranks being adjusted and a tournament in the arena of Dire Maul!. Narkz found herself being the ground level observer for the contestants as they battered each other for a good sum of money. The valiant Gorganoth battled his way to victory in the sole combatant style format. Shrogan and Laokei, from The Second Gurubashi Empire, were the champions of the pairs tournament. Afterwards Thórva provided a great feast with plenty of drink to go around and chatter went on for a good while.

"Why did he have to show up...of all places!"

The memory in which she thought had been long forgotten has came back to haunt her. An Undead Rogue by the name of Scórn had interrupted the pair fights and even joined them in this celebration day.

"How could they welcome him?!"

A little bit too much drink had been thrown down her throat as she started blurting out her feelings...

"Hey there Narkz, bury that hatchet of yours and lets drink?"
"You, why do you come here of all places?"
"What is your problem with me? I haven't done anything to you, let alone spent time around you"
"Yes you have. Somewhat brief, but you have affected me so much."
"What are you talking about?"
"You don't even remember...what about your human past?"
"Look, my memory isn't that great at the best of times. How you expect me to rememer things THAT far behind me?"
"I shall stop for now, I've spoilt this evening enough as it is already."

The celebrations carried on with lots of ruckus and multiple beams of light on one spot if even started to hurt some people's eyes. Thórva had to leave early, which came as a suprise as he was the organiser of this occasion and leaving by himself was a slightly dangerous on contested ground.

A few minutes passed from Thórva's departure and a faint yell could be heard from the depths below the arena ground. It grew in sound and it was spoken in a language unfamilar to Narkz' ears. Ekhan and Zalmoxis perked up, intrigued by the voice and something stirred in their minds. Looking at each other they both mouthed the word "Thoradiel" and started running towards the archway leading to the depths of the arena floor. They shouted to everyone to follow them down and see who the yells belonged too. Edging slowly down the corridor, slightly winding, they could now hear the voice crystal clear. In the corner was what appeared to be a male Blood Elf, draped in black clothing with a dark glow surrounding him. Fear on his face and speaking still in a language unfamilar to their ears. Even the other Blood Elves amoung them had a hard time understanding what he was saying but knew he was saying the same thing over and over. After a few minutes the Blood Elf standing before them burst into a dark cloud and moved across the room, so fast that if you blinked you would have missed it. He then sat down and broke into tears and dissapeared.

"I think we've all had a little bit too much to drink"
Nimoe looked at Narkz and nodded
Keln spoke up "I've not had a drop to drink and I've seen the same thing as everyone has!"
"...I need some sleep"

With that everyone started to accend slowly with what had happened to ponder about. Narkz had known about a fallen Blood Elf when the founders had fought as Crossroads, was that him? And what about Thórva? Knowing that so many of the Path had seen his brother before their eyes. What does this mean for the followers of the Lumious Path, and to the successor of the lost brother?


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