[A] The Dark Sphere

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[A] The Dark Sphere

Post by Ondius on Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:56 am


"The rise of a new Darkmaster brings change. Let us give our lives for the Soulblighter and bring forth a new era!" Ondius' words echoed through Beggar's Haunt, followed by yells of praise and glory. The wheels of fate were turning, as he lifted the Sphere up high with his right hand.

It was one of the few calm nights these days in Stormwind, its citizens now able to rest for a while at last.. But still some noises could be heard outside. Footsteps, stopping at times, running once again. One of the citizens blocked her door, running upstairs to get in bed and not make a sound. They were too afraid to even come out, with all the chaos and destruction that has happened recently.

The morning came.. As some more daring than others came out of their homes in peace, they were surprised to see the Mage Quarter seemed a bit different. On every door, an eight pointed star was either painted or carved. A few people remembered its meaning and small rumors started to appear.. Rumors that the Dark Sphere was around.
We will find those expressing wishes to join our cause to help us free the minds of the Light blinded fools.


Where to start.. The Dark Sphere has been and still is one of the oldest evil-rp guilds on this realm. Ultimately lead by Ataris, it has been passed on from Darkmaster to Darkmaster. We base ourselves in cultist style rp, serving the Soulblighter and fighting against anyone who is blinded by the so called Holy Light.

We are mainly a roleplay guild, although any member is free to take part in other activities, like raids and such, aslong as those won't clash with prepared events.

While you can join with any Alliance character of any class, the only thing we request from you is that if you are new to roleplay, you'll be willing and eager to learn, and if you are more experienced, to share what you know both in ooc advice and participating actively on events. You are also encouraged to prepare your own events.

Our rp activities vary from giving aid to Ataris and his plans, work with our current allies to plot against all you lightdogs and several other events, be it guild only or arranged with many other guilds that fill the Kingdom of Stormwind.

Should you be curious to learn more or you simply just want to join right away, feel free to whisper Ondius in game and be prepared to answer a couple of questions.


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Re: [A] The Dark Sphere

Post by Vyrinn on Mon Nov 29, 2010 7:22 am

Small add, I think atleast, Now, you should be able to whisper Ondíus, I recall Ond-Í-us.

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