[A] The Order of Natures Grasp (Cataclysm Recruitment)

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[A] The Order of Natures Grasp (Cataclysm Recruitment)

Post by Mochara on Tue Nov 23, 2010 7:52 am


The dark of night wrapped itself around the small camp, the flames from burning forest casting shadows that clung to everything and drew the eyes the instant they moved. Paranoia and fear were spreading quickly through the camp and even the soliders were starting to crack in the darkness. They were tired, exausted from forcing themselves to work continuously for days now. The Commander stepped up to the brow of the hill slowly and turned her back to the bitter wind that swept through the land, the flames nearby were so close she could almost feel the warmth on her face.

She stood on the outskirts of Auberdine, directing the search and watching with horror and anger as the soldiers of Nature's Grasp picked through the village and began to pull bodies from the rubble. It was slow, painful work moving the fallen buildings and trees to clear their way but one by one they emerged carrying men, women and children. The screams were almost unbearable but the sobs of anguish were worse. As the soldiers emerged from the ruined village the bodies were brought to the makeshift graveyard by the beach and were returned to the arms of the earth one by one. The survivors were carried to the camp where a group of priestesses were tirelessly healing the wounded and trying to save as many as they could. The aura of light glowed brightly in the night as the High Priestess and her sisters summoned the power of Elune and frantically worked to save whomever they could. It would have been a beautiful sight were it not so tragic.

Her eyes strained towards the forest as the shapes of animals lept through the burning trees. Deer, elk, prides of nightsabers and even Moonkin were being led through the burning forest to the safety in the north by the feral druids of the Order, those who spent most of their time in animal form had the trust of the forest and it had saved their lives. The flames were beginning to subside as those Wildhearts with the ability of natural magic fought to restore the balance and to calm the suffering forest. "Andu-falah-dor!", came the roar from the Shan'do as the druids battled to gain control over the raging elements. The Commanders eyes were drawn to a movement in the night as a hooded figure emerged from the forest. "Fandu-dath-belore!?" challenged the commander as the figured emerged into the light. "Commander" he spoke quietly and carefully "The rifts have been sealed and the elementals are retreating, but the damage done is irrepairable. Xaxas has moved on... for now". She nodded and the Magister and his Magi retreated back towards the camp leaving her in silence. They knew better than to push what little allowance they had been granted by the Order.

Eayva brushed a burning ember off her cheek. She could hardly see anything through all the smoke, fire and the suffocating blackness of the night. She tried her hardest to keep track of everything that happened around her. Lending a hand to a stumbled sister, she tried making her way to a collapsed building, already summoning Elune’s energies…

Brushing a speck of ash of her robes, Eavya made her way up to stand besides Commander Mochara. As they stood side by side, watching the ruins that used to be Auberdine, Eavya could not help but feel immensely proud of what her Order had established that long night. Creatures saved, the wounded tended for… so many fires put out.

Morning began to break and the soliders emerged from the village to sleep for the first time in days. The survivors of the shattering were beginning to recover slowly thanks to the miracles of Elune led by the priestesses and the flames in the forest had dwindled and turned to embers. The High Priestess stepped onto the brow of the hill to join the Commander and they two stood for what seemed like an eternity before speaking. "The wounded are resting, but we have lost many. The flames have diminished, but the forest is burnt to ash." Eavya then spoke to Mochara. "The town has been evacuated and the elementals have retreated but reports from our allies in Stormwind and Ironforge do not give much hope for aid" remarked the Commander. "Xavas has moved on but I have no doubt that he will return and there is much damage to be considered." she paused for a moment before continuing "The orcs have taken the opportunity to move further into Ashenvale, hitting us at our weakest moment. How could this have happened...".

Tor ilisar'thera'nal! the cry almost sounded as though it came from the wind itself and the two turned abruptly to find both wings of the Order assembled behind them. Spiritual and Miltary side by side as dawn broke with a bloody glow over Darkshore. Eavya saw the Order gather behind them, tired… weary, but together, still standing proud and strong. This is what she had worked for all these years and this was what she would continue to work for, for many years to come. She had not been more certain of anything else in her life.

"Send out the word through Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms, reach all those stationed in Northrend and beyond. Peace will be restored to this land, we will rebuild and take back everything Deathwing and the Horde have taken from us! Soldiers, healers all those able-bodied recieve this call to arms! Nature's Grasp needs you and together, together we will heal our land!", yelled the Commander at the top of her voice

Pride settled in Eavya's heart once more as she heard Mochara talk to the Order. The words couldn’t be more fitting for a morning like this…


Natures Grasp has just passed its 5th birthday and is one of the oldest guilds on Defias Brotherhood. We are a Night Elf only guild and usually are found around Darnassus and Ashenvale or any other Kaldorei lands, although we are known to help our allies in the east too. We are actively seeking new members to join the guild and help us fight through the Cataclysm and keep Kaldorei roleplaying alive and strong!

We are an RP guild first and foremost, and we have no level requirement. We only require that you are playing a night-elf and we search for high quality roleplayers (perhaps a good reason to make a night-elf?).

We have worked in the past with Orcs of the Red Blade and Sin Belore for some RP-PvP patrols/combat, and hope to do so again in the future. Also, the battle between the Trolls and the Elves has turned in our favour and it was a great event! We keep in contact with many of the other Alliance guilds and actively promote events on the server and cross-guild interaction.

After much discussion among the officers and the membership of the guild regarding the coming Cataclysm and the return of the Highborne we have decided that we will accept exceptional night-elf mages to join our ranks as "Magister" and are now taking applications. Please be aware that Highborne will not be accepted with a hug and a kiss on the cheek, there are milena of tension and distrust to be overcome and there will no doubt be IC tension regarding mages in the guild. Perhaps you can be the one to begin to change the long set opinion on Highborne?

Note: No DKs allowed, while we're more liberal than some we're still heavily into the Kaldorei culture which abhors DKs.

For more information (Also on Elven Lore, guides, etc), and to apply, head to:

Or contact our Commander Mochara, High Priestess Eavya or their officers: Aeyth and Nelani via whisper or ingame letter.

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Re: [A] The Order of Natures Grasp (Cataclysm Recruitment)

Post by Ondius on Tue Nov 23, 2010 10:18 am

bump for mochara and a great guild ^^


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Re: [A] The Order of Natures Grasp (Cataclysm Recruitment)

Post by Frostfeather on Tue Feb 22, 2011 2:25 pm

Mochara wrote:
Images Of The Order


Good ones Moch!

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Re: [A] The Order of Natures Grasp (Cataclysm Recruitment)

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