November Rain

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November Rain

Post by Jayse on Fri Nov 19, 2010 4:03 am

“Clear the streets! All citizens proceed to the evacuation portals! Do not stop to collect your belongings! Make haste!”
The cries from the city guard began to ring out across the city in tandem as once again the skies darkened. People began to both panic and run in all directions gradually filtering to the checkpoints setup by the magi whom struggled fiercely to maintain their focus amid the sudden chaos. Guards and veterans from all regiments could be seen weaving against the torrent of fear with sandbags trying in vain to reinforce the flood defences. It was the third day of siege and the remaining defence forces were growing tired. Many had fallen, either in direct combat or the effects it was taking. November wasn’t the warmest time of year even for Stormwind and if this was all part of the plan carefully laid out by the hammer cult, it had been executed with the precision aim of a sentinels arrow.

Hypothermia due to constant wet exposure fighting back the waters was the main cause of death. Closely followed by the placebo protection of the defenders heavy plate armour, falling to volleys of bright lightning amid inches deep water across most parts of the city. Yet among the onslaught they had some respite yet the time needed to recover fully was ill afforded as they were once again called to defend their home. Tired, weary with the echoes of the past seeming to be the only thing driving them on. The city had fallen to orc and almost nearly to the unrest of the very people whom rebuilt it. It would not fall again as long as men and women drew breath, on two feet. Yet as a glance cast across the cathedral square would quickly indicate those same two feet were starting to fail most, against their own will.

One among those counted was a man in his late twenties, with rain soaked hair matted to his forehead. Leather armour loose about his frame as the straps and seams had almost started to now rot away and barely held together with bandage rolls in makeshift triage. Running across the square toward the south tunnel with whatever good a blade would do him strapped to his back and a sandbag over his shoulder.
“Major Six!, we’ve no more time for defences sir we’re about to be hit!” A lieutenant called from outside the orphanage with his squad of soldiers stood ready ushering the children to the cathedral.

“If we don’t keep these defences up lieutenant we won’t have much of a city left to defend! Get those kids clear and into shelter!” Jayse barked back as he threw the heavy bag to fill a gap in the wall. Turning to muster his lungs.. “CLEAR THE STREETS! Any non-combatants make for the evacuation portals! Do NOT remain in your homes!” He dropped to a knee in exhaustion yet staggering back to his feet trudging back across the square through the water.
He’d not the time to even make it past the fountain before a blinding crack of lighting filled the skies, and a quick as it happened it began again...

“Contact CONTACT!! They’re fecking everywhere! TAKE THEM DOWN!” Screams of engagement rang out across the cathedral square echoing across the whole city as the assault began anew. The defenders were surrounded on all sides, the waters rising up to fight against them. Jayse simply took the briefest of moments to look about himself almost dumbstruck with fatigue, his body numb.. before snapping to his senses and joining the fray in another round of ceaseless combat.
He would fight as long as he could stand, but it was clear. If this kept up, sooner or later there would be no soldiers left to fight.

Arm yourself because no one else here will save you.. The odds will betray you.. and I will replace you..

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Re: November Rain

Post by Shrogan on Fri Nov 19, 2010 5:34 am

I quite enjoyed this tale! Shows how well, or unwell, the people of Stormwind are faring with this attack. Makes for a nice eerie atmosphere of "WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!"


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Re: November Rain

Post by Gogol on Fri Nov 19, 2010 8:54 am

November Rain was the song that made me aware of music.

As for the elemental attacks, I'v been there hauling sandbags up to the left and to the right, maney respects to Jayse for keeping on, keeping on.

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Re: November Rain

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