Even the Inquisition fears...

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Even the Inquisition fears...

Post by Melnerag on Wed Nov 17, 2010 4:17 am

A figure clad in rain-drenched coat, with streams of water dripping from the rims of his hat, appeared around the corner to witness the unsettling scene. Pale and starved man clad in loose and ragged robes of twilight’s hammer stood with a dagger in his hands, raised against an elderly woman cowering in a corner. Twilight’s Hammer attire, caught in the act – direct evidence. Caught red-handed, forms a danger to civilians – execution on the spot. The witch-hunter drew his flintlock pistol and pulled back the hammer with his thumb as he recalled the lines of proper conduct from “Witchbane”. Less than a second later he pulled the trigger. A click, a spark, and nothing happened. Damned, gunpowder’s gone wet! Yet this was sufficient warning for the cultist to realize the danger and turn to flight. No way I can pursue him through all this chaos, may the Word of Anethion abjure this evil that I’ve failed to address.
As he approached the lady, she looked up at him from underneath her short-cut silvery hair. There is something familiar about her. But what?
“You are so fearsome sir, he fled at the very sight of you,” the woman called with a coarse voice.
“Of course he did, all heretics fear Light’s Wrath, ma’am. Please, let me escort you to the Cathedral. The refugees gather there”

As they walked, the woman turned to him again and resumed the conversation. There is something familiar about her!
“A man like you fears nothing. You are as brave as any knight.”
“You flatter me, I am but a humble servant of Anethion.”
“Is there anything that frightens you? Dragons perhaps?”

No, the dragons do not frighten me. Nor does death. Why is she asking those questions?
“No, ma’am, only thing I fear is that I would fail the Vicarial Inspection,” he answered laughing.
“Vicarial inspection,” the woman inquired with a disappointed grin which the witch-hunter did not notice.
“Yes, our Lectors –priests—make sure each member of the Chapter knows the word of Anethion by heart. And they punish those who fail.”

The woman stopped abruptly, with a strange firmness for somebody looking her age. Tugged on his coat, the witch-hunter too had to stop.

“Ma’am? What is it?”
“You know Witchbane good enough, brother witch-hunter. But a man of faith fears nothing, not even the Inspection! You are demoted to a Canon and shall rewrite the Holy Scripture. Your rank shall be restored once you are done with that task,” she answered with a stern and unwavering voice.
Witch-hunter’s mouth opened slightly, as he took a step back and then dropped down on one knee. Damned! I should’ve seen this coming. It –is- the abbess.
“But how, it looked so real?” His voice was shaking with disbelief and shame.
“It was a set-up to test your skills, brother. They are sharp as they should be, but your Faith has been found wanting. New dawn is coming for the Chapter, and I shall not suffer faithlessness in our ranks!”

OOC: A short story to illustrate the point. We are enforcing new, harsher standards among the chapterians. Join us to get as close as possible to being a fanatic in a rigid, zealous sect!

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Re: Even the Inquisition fears...

Post by John Helsythe Amaltheria on Wed Nov 17, 2010 4:21 am

Pffft =P
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