[Story] The End of the Masquerade.

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[Story] The End of the Masquerade.

Post by Shrogan on Mon Nov 15, 2010 3:08 pm

So here's the deal. Shro'gan and the Trolls of the Second Gurubashi Empire have only just held a server-wide tournament for the Lesser Species of the world to prove themselves in the Empire's eyes, by deadly combat in the Gurubashi Arena. Little did they knew that this was in fact a trap, to draw all of their enemies into one place to deploy a great weapon which they had spent months preparing. The tournament only just finished and the Emperor returns to the Wellspring.


“My Emperor, the Lesser have begun their evacuation of the zone.” A knelt down Troll spoke, keeping his head low before his master. A cold smile stretched upon his lips as his blackened gaze set itself on the messenger. “When the moon reaches its peak, slaughter those who remain. The Vale’s borders are open no longer.”
The Troll stands and nods at the Emperor with a vicious grin. “Very well, Holy One. We shall execute the remainders of the Lesser with glee.”

Shro’gan nods and continues up the Jungle path. His cold smile stretches to a smirk, hiding a cruel snicker underneath it. He crosses the Archway which leads into their sacred Wellspring and is immediately present with the glorious sight of the bodies mutilated in ritual. Here, the air was thick with a sickening Miasma as the stench of rot lingered in the air.
From the corpses, in several mounds, grew many mushrooms and molds, agents of decay covering the corpses. Suurumu’jin’s own agents upon this world. The faint glow of teal and sickening purple illuminated his path as he proceeded further, to the center of the shrine. But this did not stop him. In fact, it only encouraged him further. He crossed the bridge, over to the spring itself, where the statue of the serpent spilt forth the waters His kind had considered so very sacred.
He then turns his back on it, looking over at the walls of the shrine, where the green glimmering tablets held the secrets which he so very meticulously worked to unveil. They spoke of the Loa of Decay, Suurumu’jin, the Rot Lord and how to reach to Him and harness his power. They too were a part of this ritual.

The Emperor cackled, feeling the overwhelming presence of the Hex which he had only finished channeling. “The Lesser have fallen straight into my claws once more… For Shadra’s webs have been woven.” He was delighted. The Tournament had been perfect. His main enemies had been present and unknowingly had tangled themselves in the Emperor’s web. And again he howled in delight, thinking of the next step. To awaken the power laid dormant, upon their spirits? Perhaps delight oneself, awaking it one at the time and having it spread… yes, that would be good. The possibilities were endless!
He turned again to the Spring. Slashing both his palms open with his tusks, he places them upon the stony surface of the fountain and slowly adorned it with his very own life giving fluid.

The glimmering shimmers of the tablets flickered and flashed violently in reaction.
“Now… it is time to tighten to strings. To pull the threads and bindings together and engulf the Lesser once and for all.” He clenched his hands to fists, bringing forth more blood. Again, the violent pulse of the tablets made itself feel present.
“And may the Rot Lord fester, take away your body and spirit. For such is the Will of the Emperor and through me, Dambalah’s own. It is done.”


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Re: [Story] The End of the Masquerade.

Post by Elloa on Mon Nov 15, 2010 4:06 pm

Oohh ooohh! Indeed I've been very very well inspired to not come finaly *cough cough*


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