[IC] SI7 correspondance to HRM King Varian Wrynn

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[IC] SI7 correspondance to HRM King Varian Wrynn

Post by Jayse on Thu Nov 11, 2010 3:40 am

His Royal Majesty King Varian Wrynn,

I entrust this letter finds you and your court in good health during troubling times. In action further to our last summons I write this letter on behalf of SI7 and with the approval of Master Shaw.

Sire, I will bear no veil of illusion that the current situation within the kingdom grows dire despite our best efforts. A turn of events has taken place that would pose a great threat to the kingdom and her public therein. The Hammer cult has moved on the offensive and we fear has already established itself wider spread then we could have forseen. The stone tablets his majesty King Magni Bronzebeard spoke of were shipped to Stormwind via naval vessel from the far reaches of Northrend by Brann Bronzebeard as planned. However before this took place the Hammer cult had already infiltrated the vessel and upon docking upon our shores, made thier move. Thier agents attacked the courier and his cargo with I gravely inform the help of Black Drakes. Thankfully the attack was repelled with the courage and might both of the stormwind guardsmen and veterans of the cold war returning in triumph of our hardfought victory.

The tablets with the assistance of the Ironforge Senate and the Senatorial Intelligence Agency now reside in the custody of the Explorers league and The Earthen Ring within the mountain. Whom are hard at work decoding Brann's latest findings.

It is with deep concern however SI7 is in no doubt the Hammer cult will attempt to take them once again by force. They have taken alot of time and planning to establish themselves for this purpose. Yet as thier camp resides deep within our forest borders any attack would place our great city directly in thier path. Our best efforts to disable thier camp are unfortunatly not enough and we are reluctant to simply attack in sheer force as we are identifying our missing citizens among thier number. In light of these events SI7 has come forth with a planned proposal that lies ready to be executed on his majesty's royal command.

SI7 has sent word to any remaining regiments not currently occupied with the defence of outlying villages and military posts to prepare for the possiblity to be recalled to the city. The Tower of Magi have been informed to devise a safe and logical way to be ready to evacuate the city of any man, woman and child unable to bear both arm or spell in the cities defence. Couriers have been sent to each nation under the alliance treaty to inform them to make ready for the very real possibility we may have to evacuate our people safely in the event our great city lies besieged.

Your Majesty, SI7 prays to the light it will not come to this but after considering all other options we have concluded that this is a very real possibility. We are doing all we can to both get our people back safely and get a handle on the situation. Nothing shall be done without your royal command, but we stand ready to act both swift and with honour to defend the people of the alliance and our great nation.

On behalf of SI7. King's Honour your Majesty.

-Major Jayse Ravenwest-
Operations Chief

-Mathias Shaw-
SI7 Master

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