Gallyndra - Chapter seven: A life continued

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Gallyndra - Chapter seven: A life continued

Post by Sharyssa/Adenah on Mon Nov 08, 2010 8:42 am

Before heading out of Silvermoon Gallyndra went out for a last patrol. She picked up her shield that she had put next to the table. Her hands moved with a certain grace and swiftness when she fastened the straps. Securing the shield tightly across her back she then picked up her blade, the metal shimmering in the dim lights of the room. Causing a faint glow on it's purple surface.
Gallyndra left the Blood Knight quarters with swift and gracious steps, taking her normal route towards the Court of the Sun to venture into Murder Row.
It was still early and the city had not yet come to life. The sun just started to rise above the towers of Silvermoon only to lighten up the beauty of the gold and red colours in the morning.
In the shadows of the darkest streets of their city she quickened her pace, the lack of sunlight making her shiver with a sudden cold breeze. Her tabard danced around. Being caught in the wind the fabric caressed her plate covered hips.
It was only on the Walk of Elders when she stepped past the gates into the sun once more that she saw the first early citizens walking down the street. They greeted her as she passed and she answered their quick nods and bows with a formal and polite smile.
Gallyndra glanced around, noticing that nothing was going on at this time of the morning, deciding to make her way back to Farstrider Square to find her husband and start their journey to Stranglethorn. She had decided to participate in the Tournament that was held by The Second Gurubashi Empire.
Not only was it a welcome change from the day to day life in Silvermoon as a Blood Knight. It also gave her the oppurtunity to observe the Empire in their own lands. Ever since she had met them many months ago she held an anxious fascination for them. To her trollkind has never been more then mere savages. To be proven wrong of her theory several times by now as she watched how the Empire was guided by their so-called God-emperor.

Crossing The Royal Exchange Gallyndra's gaze was drawn towards a woman who stood at the fountain, her small form clad in simple robes and her long blonde hair swaying gently across her face when it was caught in the wind.
Pausing her steps Gallyndra kept her eyes locked onto the child that stood next to the woman, she could hear the girl laugh and it stirred something within her. The small innocent face with a wide and bright smile. The ringing laughter as she ran around in circles cheerfully. The entire picture awakened a sudden desire in Gallyndra. Where normally was fear and reluctance when she pictured herself as mother there was now a warm feeling of joy and happyness.
Forcing herself to look away and continue the last part of her patrol she pushed those feelings aside, shaking her head and mumbling to herself.
"It's not the time"
The moment she arrived at the quarters of the Order she saw him. He stood with a nervous looking adept. Suiauthon was clad in his own armor, the plate only complimenting his muscular form as he stood tall and proud infront of the yound male he was lecturing. Gallyndra didn't need to hear his words to know this, she saw it in how he stood and how he curled his lips in his never-fading smirk. How he loved this, the power and authority, always reminding those who dared to forget that he had earned his rank. She couldn't do anything but agree, he had indeed shown worthy of who he had grown into. The woman smiled as she observed from a distance, feeling her heart swell with the love she felt for him. But she was unable to fight the sudden clear and vivid image in her mind.
A small girl running around a fountain, laughing and singing. The girl in of her imagination had no blonde hair like the one she just saw. No, she had long burning red hair, cascading down her back, her own child. A daughter born from her and Suiauthon, looking just as everyone had always told them.
She smiled and uttered a low chuckle as she thought of the words spoken by many before. Mainly those who they had stood by back in their glorious days in The Sunfury Elite. How often had they not told them that their offspring would be gorgeous and beautiful? Both her and her dearest having the same brigh red haircolour surely would be passed on to their future children.

Her trail of thoughts suddenly became less positive and loving when a cold shiver ran down her spine. Children ... how could she forget? How had she forced herself to supress the memory?
It was all coming back to her now, emotions she had been able to fight off. Trailing back to that last day she shuddered. Unable to shake of the anxious feeling that it still caused inside of her. The sudden drastic changes of her life had made her forget about the last time she had ever seen Tarlon. She had felt relief as the constant fear of his presence was lifted of her shoulders, but now she felt it again.


Gallyndra wrinkled her nose, she couldn't stand the rotten stench of undead nor did her surroundings appeal to her. The lands grim and dark compared to her own home. Brill was crowded with the Forsaken, their slurring and wheezing voices echoing in her ears as she strolled down the path back to the Undercity.
Of course, there he stood once more. every fiber in her body reminding her of the suffering he had put her trough. Seeing his face awakening each emotion of the passed weeks and days, only adding to the latest sorrow. But he didn't know, she wouldn't tell him how much he had broken her.
But his smirk, that confident and mocking twitch of his lips fueled a sudden rage in her veins when he approached her. She couldn't take this any longer, it had to end forever.
She forced herself to ignore her fear, the urge to run and scream and turned all that into more hatred. Her normally so elegenat and beautiful features twisted into a mask of disgust.
Tarlon spoke to her but she could barely hear it, only thinking of one thing .... to break him. For once and for good she had to break him before he would do it to her instead. He nearly succeeded but with renewed strenght she stood up against him. Why would she keep it a secret? It nearly devestated her because of her hatred but she knew his love would cause him even more pain if he'd found out. Gallyndra's lips parted to speak, licking her own tongue to moisten her lips before doing so. Her voice was drenched in bitterness, her entire frame tremblind when she spoke in a mocking tone. All she desired was to watch him hurt so she spoke each word harshly to make sure of this.

"Tarlon -brother- I was with you child. Suiauthon spoke the truth, but when he did I was still carrying your spawn in my womb. I haven't drank the poison as he told you"

Tarlon's entire body seemed to betray him when her words reached his ears. In utter disbelief he sank down onto the tainted soil of Tirisfal Glades. He wasn't able to make a single sound and Gallyndra watched how she had finally found how she could pay him back for all those years he made her suffer.She took her chance, encouraged by how he became a mere shade of the dominant and twisted man he usually was. She spoke once more, her final words before she would turn around and leave her "brother" there. His heart heavy with sorrow of a child lost, a child he wanted to have with her. The woman he had loved so intensely that he didn't see how wrong and sick his feelings for her had been.

"How does it feel Tarlon? Does it hurt? Do you feel the sorrow and pain ripping at your soul, tearing you apart? It's only a fragment of what you have done to me over all these years. Your child is gone, I have lost it after I chased a felon down and fought him. I won't carry your child."

She watched him when she pauzed, suddenly anxious of his frozen expression, his silent state.

"Can you feel the agony of having your dreams and hopes shattered? I hope you do, because I have enough of the pain you caused me. I once loved you -brother- but what you have done to me has turned all that into sheer hatred"

Gallyndra walked away from him, away from her past at last. She exhaled when she walked behind the corner, out of his line of sight. For a moment she would have thought he'd come after her and punish her for standing up against him. When he didn't do such she knew, that at last she had destroyed him. She was free!


With a faint kiss on her lips she returned to the present time, her eyes staring right into the deep and bright depths of Suiauthon's. He smirked at her and wrapped a hand around her waist to pull her closer and give her yet another loving kiss.
She savoured the taste of his lips, inhaled his scent eagerly while the images left her mind. It was all over, no need for her to feel afraid anymore. She had her loving husband, she went on with her life.
She raises her gloved hand and rests it against his face, breaking the kiss she answers his smirk with a affectionate smile of her own. The smile only he gets to see, the entire side of Gallyndra that he made her discover. The gentle, loving and caring woman she could only be for him.
"Instead of daydreaming on the middle of the street we should take our leave my love, it's a long trip to Stranglethorn."

Gallyndra nods and reluctantly frees herself from his embrace to walk next to him towards the stables, his hand searching for hers to hold it. Together they arrive at their prepared chargers, ready for their journey ahead. While jumping into her saddle with a swift agile movement she looks at his face one more. Her warm smile becoming brighter when he rides up next to her.
Why would it not be the time ... a child of the man she loved so deeply would hardly be a curse to her. She was ready, she had finally found that one thing to fight for. All she needed to move on, leaving her past behind her.


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