[A] The Seraphim Company

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[A] The Seraphim Company

Post by Tiberian Seraphim on Mon Feb 15, 2010 11:39 am

*A pair of posters are found nailed to walls across the eastern kingdoms*

*The first one reads*

"Are you sick and tired of having drunken fools cause mayhem in your establishment? Are you marching an army to war but afraid the odds are not on your side? Need someone convinced to see things your way?

Whatever your trouble may be the Seraphim Company can help.

-The Seraphim Company.. Your number one choice for hired blades.-

*The second one reads*

"Looking for work? A purpose in this bleak existance?

Enlist in the Seraphim Company today and ensure yourself a financially stable future with plenty of excitement. Not sure your physical abilities are suited for a life as a mercenary? Not to worry, the Seraphim Company provides training and universal assistance to all of its employee's so that one day YOU might become a feared and respected mercenary.

Contact the nearest Seraphim recruitment office for more information.


The Seraphim Company is a newly established heavy roleplaying guild, the concept is a mercenary company and that is our primary focus. We will engage in other aspects of the game but the number 1 aspect will always be the roleplay of mercenaries.

The current owner of the company and the head of operations, the director is the one who decides what contracts the company accepts along with handling the general administration of the company.

The commander of the armed forces, he who leads them in combat and is responsible for their training and general activity.

The officers of the company, the sergeants assist the Captain with the day to day maintenance of the company forces.

Veteran Blade
The elite mercenaries of the company, trained to near perfection and deadly in every way.

Adept Blade
The regular soldiers of the company, these soldier's have proven their dedication to the company and now make up the main bulk of the army.

Novice Blade
Those who have only recently enlisted with the company and have yet to receive proper training and experience to join the ranks of the adepts.

Promotions are handled via an administration system on the forums, for every assignment and special task a mercenary takes and completes he is awarded in "Company Marks". The marks are copper crests with the Company emblem on them, these marks represent your prowess within the Company - the more marks you have the more dedicated you are. A recruit begins his career as a Novice but as he completes assignments he stacks up on marks, once he has obtained the necessary amount of marks required for a promotion to Adept he is given his "Adept Trials" - a special mission he must complete to seal in his promotion.

Events & Activity
The events of the guild will mostly revolve around contracts, however if the community is slacking a bit with hiring us then not to worry because there will be scripted contracts. Scripted contracts are contracts made up by the guild command and played out with a single or more alternate characters to insure a constant flow of contracts and keeping the mercs busy.
Other types of events may include
Tavern runs
Recruitment runs

Contract Types
Bodyguards - Seraphim hires out its blade to individuals for bodyguard purposes.
Reinforcement - Providing an army or regional militia with reinforcements during a critical phase.
Collection - Collecting debt on behalf of an individual or group.
Beatdown - Delivering physical punishment to an individual or group of individuals.
Security - An establishment, town or city may vie for a security contract with Seraphim. Once a contract is established, the establishment/city will be added to the Seraphim list of protection and actively patrolled and guarded by the Company.
Assassination - Deliver final judgment to an individual in a negotiable manner. Note: Assassinations have to be thoroughly planned "out of character" and the player being assassinated must be totally aware and willing to kill off his character.

Interested in joining us?
The Seraphim Company recruits any character of any level so long as they are prepared for a heavy RP setting. To join simply go to http://seraphimcompany.forumotion.com and fill out an application in the application section and an officer will contact you in-game.

Interested in hiring us?
Whatever you may have in mind we will certainly be able to work something out. Contact myself "Tiberian" in-game to setup a contract meeting. Note: Contract fee's are in "fictional currency" but tips are always welcome if your satisfied with the service.

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Re: [A] The Seraphim Company

Post by Zinkle Figgins on Mon Feb 15, 2010 11:43 am

This can become a cool project.
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Re: [A] The Seraphim Company

Post by Gunnell on Mon Feb 15, 2010 11:47 am

Tiberian Seraphim wrote:Note: Contract prices are in real in-game currency.

This is the very fine line between "Good chance" and "No chance" of this working. I am quite sure many would be willing to hire Mercenaries in roleplaying but I also highly, highly doubt they'd be willing to do so if they had to fork out real gold no matter high how, or low the cost may be.


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Re: [A] The Seraphim Company

Post by Tiberian Seraphim on Mon Feb 15, 2010 11:51 am

Well the reason that i want real currency is so that we don't get a lvl 5 coming to us handing us an imaginary bag of gold and expecting us to help him kill some defias for an hour or two.

But i guess instead of charging real currency i could just be strict on the "type" of contracts we accept.. So the fee thing is definetly debatable..
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Re: [A] The Seraphim Company

Post by (Goggy) - Exilius on Mon Feb 15, 2010 11:59 am

I' had roleplayed a thug for several weeks, pretty much most of the people I encountered, miracleously beat me up, saved the hostage and I didn't even get a shirt to compromise the fact that they were unwilling to part from some silver or one friggen gold piece. D:

I wouldn't advise high hopes for ingame currency, heck there's a reason of why there are no Bounty Hunters =/
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Re: [A] The Seraphim Company

Post by Tiberian Seraphim on Mon Feb 22, 2010 2:12 pm

*Added guild structure
*Added promotion info
*Added contract info
*Added events info
*Edited the part about "Real in-game currency"

A little story i wrote when i was bored..

The boy ran through the rain soaked streets, his face red and his eyes sparkling with eagerness almost overwhelmed by sheer exhaust. His feet were moving so fast you could hardly see them, a merchant closing his shop tried to get a glance at him but before his eyes would realise what they were looking at, the boy would be gone.

Finally he came to a halt, at the doors to a local tavern. His pace slowed as he marched his tired bones inside. The tavern was crowded with all manner of people, the boy drenched from the rain ignored the loud crowd and headed upstairs.

His eyes turned to a secluded table in the corner occupied by a dark haired man wearing leather armour and smoking a pipe. The boy approached the table all the while eyeing the dark haired man, the smoke from his pipe rising so gracefully from his face and as he inhaled, the red glow from the pipe would reflect itself in his eyes.

I have it sir.. I almost lost hope, I – I almost gave up.. but i didn‘t and i did reap the rewards.

The dark haired man gave the boy a faint look and extended an open palm toward him – the boy dropped an item resembling a silver crest in his hand.

You did well, i was about to send another to finish your task and recover your corpse but it pleases me to see you survived, and with the object in hand. You‘ve proven yourself worthy, your Adept trial is complete and you may now call yourself a Seraphim Blade – Report to the docks for briefing on your next assignment.

The boy nodded his head respectfully and headed downstairs, the man turning his gaze to the crest in his hand – a wicked grin forming on his face.
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Re: [A] The Seraphim Company

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