Battle of the End-Days

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Battle of the End-Days

Post by Melnerag on Tue Nov 02, 2010 3:35 am

These pamphlets started circulating in the city, and from the looks of them the Twilight Hammer fanatics are not the only ones to claim to know a way to survive the end of the world.

Citizens and guests of Stormwind, brothers and sisters under the Light!

The whole of Azeroth shudders from the uncleanness that we wretched mortals have wrought. The Light itself has turned its glorious visage away from our cities. This is the punishment for our sins! We have tolerated demon-worshippers and necromancers, defied the sacred ways of our ancestors and allowed irreligeous ideas to spread unchecked under the protective wing of the 'Freedom of Speech'. For every believer on the streets of Stormwind, there is a man who blasphemes in the open and three more who mock the Light in their hearts!

Tide of great evil is upon us, to wash over the world and test our resolve. With so many of our citizens swayed by the hideous cult, corruption of the hearts of Men is finally revealed for all - rotten core of Stormwind is finally unveiled. But hope is not lost! Show your devotion to the Holy Light and fight this great battle of the End-Days! Let us cleanse this world of wickedness and evil side by side, for now it is clear that all followers of the Light are brothers and sisters - Church, Scarlet, Argent or Anethionean. We stand united under the banner of Justice and Good against the eternal darkness of tommorow.

Face the final confrontation with a bloody sword in your hands and a prayer on your lips. Let the blood of the twisted heretics who sided with Evil wash away the sin and corruption from our streets. Let our praises and prayers give hope to those who waver and guide them to make the right choice between Good and Evil. May our devotion resonate throughout this world, so that the Light may turn Its gaze back towards us and forgive us our trespasses and give us the strength to save our world!

Battle for the future of Azeroth begins now, and every one of us must now choose between Good and Evil. And he who does not fight, has chosen the path of wickedness.

Faith Shall Overcome!

Abbess Ioanna Adrasteia,
Supreme Lectress of the Chapter.


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Re: Battle of the End-Days

Post by Shadowpope on Tue Nov 02, 2010 4:47 am

On the outskirts of Elwynn Forest by the border of Darkshire, an elderly lady sat in her house with the pamphlet on her lap. She stared at the words on the page, her eyes glazed over and appearing to stare through the pamphlet into nothingness.

The figure in dark robes massaged the side of his temple as he sat beside her, listening to the monotonous voice inside her head.

"Truly, the ignorance that is displayed by individuals such as these.. Dichotomy never has and never will work. This is why we need Balance." He sighed. "So bound by their faith that they do not see the evil they commit themselves, or perhaps they simply choose to ignore it. I fear a world lead under their dictatorship." He turned to face the elderly lady whom continued to stare down at the pamphlet, motionless.

The hooded figure got to his feet and retrieved the pamphlet from his host's hands, reaching out for her chin to stare down at her directly. "Your mind is starting deceive you in your old age, you could have sworn you saw somebody in your home today."

"My mind is starting to deceive me in my old age, I could have sworn i saw someone in my home today.." she echoed back at him.

"Good." he replied, turning around to retrieve his staff before leaving. "By tomorrow you will forget today ever happened."


OOC: Very nice read, I look forward to see if anything becomes of this!

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