Cultist Attempt on Dwarf/Kaldorei Conflict Thwarted

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Cultist Attempt on Dwarf/Kaldorei Conflict Thwarted

Post by Jondalar Greenfury on Mon Oct 18, 2010 12:35 pm

As most Kaldorei will know, recent events have greatly strained the already frail relationship between Darnassus and Ironforge – and in spite of the display of lack of respect at the last Circle meeting and contrary to common belief the Circle of Darnassus has thoroughly investigated the events and exhausted all diplomatic ties and sources in order to get to the bottom of an incident that threatened the plunge the Kaldorei into a conflict of potentially cataclysmic proportions. In fact the Circle members were already investigating this issue when the last meetings erupted into bickering and slander. The nature of the investigations however ordained secrecy, since at the time it was unknown how extensive the conspiracy, that we are about to reveal here, is and any public revelations might alert the true perpetrators to the extent of our knowledge.
"... increased the scope of our investigations to include the intelligence services of Darnassus, Ironforge and Stormwind alike."
"... the Dwarven Rifle Squad was indeed present at the Altar..."
"... all of the incidents are conceived by the same malevolent mastermind."
Read the entire article in the Darnassus Examiner.
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