A magistrix and saviour in one.

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A magistrix and saviour in one.

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Chapter one: What’s in the name?

It was around 3 bells in the afternoon that Magistrix Aishling Silversun finished checking the reports on demon activity in Hellfire Peninsula. A relative young and small woman sin’dorei was wrote down what could be an explanation for their weird behaviour. As a magistrix she studied the world of magic, and her specialty were demons and fel. She worked hard for that title. She worked hard her entire life. Her life didn’t really know love or comfort. All she had was her little step-sister, and she didn’t see her for months now. There were three things she had in life, but all three can be filed under one name. Work. She was a magistrix, an innkeeper and soldier.

A young boy with brown hair stood on the doorstep of the place Aishling lives, a house in Fairbreeze Village. She quickly looked at the boy and noticed that his brown cloths and the small insignia on his vest said “SPS”. SPS was short for Silvermoon Postal Service, so he was a mailman. The boy saw Aishling in her magistrix outfit and saluted hastely, probably not expecting her. The boy grabbed a rolled up parchment from his bag and said to Aishling.
Miss, I’ve got a letter for one A. Dawncaller. It’s from F. Dawncaller!

Aishling was taken aback by the little boy, but to stay professional she replied:
This is the right address yes, I’ll take the letter from you and give it to A. Dawncaller.
She quickly signed a form that she received the mail and the boy left. The rolled up parchment was wrapped in a red ribbon with small prints of the Silvermoon emblem on it. This was an official letter by someone high-up. She cut the ribbon with a small knife and rolled open the parchment.

Dear Aishling,

This is a letter from your dad, Feron.
Doral ana’diel?
I was surprised you were even alive. I thought I banished you and your mother from Silvermoon. But a few days ago I found out that you were still alive. By belore, you even made it to the ranks of Magistrix, and opened a bar in Silvermoon. But, I’m not here to banish you again. I’m afraid I have to say you got some influence here in Silvermoon behind my back. However, I’m not writing you just for fun. I’m writing because I need your help.

I received a mail a few days ago. It said that the Dawncaller I love has been taken captive by the Alliance. Drayanna doesn’t know a thing about Silvermoon secrets, yet she’s too precious to me to let her go. She’s being held in Stormwind. Now I don’t know what diplomacy this is, but it’s clear that this is either SI:7 or some rogue group. I can’t travel to that place, but I know you can. If you reply positive, I’ll make sure that your “holiday” gets approved by Grand Magister Rommath.

I know I’ve been terrible to you, but I know you and Drayanna love each other. Please, by belore, save her. I’m begging you.

Your father,

Feron Dawncaller

Once again, she was taken aback.
Sis got captured by the Alliance? But how?”
There were so many questions, so few answers. Luckily there was one bright side. Humans couldn’t really tell the difference between sin’dorei and quel’dorei. She closed her felgreen eyes. That was the only problem, her felgreen eyes. For Stormwind guards she was either sin’dorei or starting to corrupt. In which case she would get killed anyhow. She got a roll of parchment and wrote her dad a short message.

Dear father

I’m saving her, but not for you.


Magistrix Aishling Silversun.

She put it in a normal envelope and posted it in the mailbox outside. She returned back inside, put on normal, less flashy clothes and stepped on her hawkstrider. She rode to Silvermoon, in search for a spell or magistrix that could give her the blue eyes she wanted.

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