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”I finally got you!”

Darian’s victorious smile did nothing to hide his joy. He was a good agent, which is why so terribly few knew of him. The leaders of the SI:7 had personally let him know, through their secret channels, that the King himself was pleased with such a skilled and devout servant of the Kingdom.

He had done the impossible. For months and months he had picked up information, he had been spying, he had assassinated a few people even, for the one chance to get a close and personal meeting with the leader of the most prominent antagonist Stormwind had known for a long time. He had seized the moment. He had not failed. Needless to say, no one knew of his succes. That was far too dangerous. He had dragged this man, who seemed to be nothing more than a blind and terribly old fool, down to the depths of his office. Hidden beneath the cellar of the recluse. All who knew it existed did not exist themselves anymore – it was likely to be the last safe place in Stormwind. Here he could keep all his secrets, here he could ask all his questions.

He was waking.

Mordazan lifted his head slowly, with the dignity of a king, his old and terribly scared face stopping when he had reached eye contact with Darian. His milky white, pupiless eyes seeming to glare directly at Darian, as if staring directly into his soul.

”We meet at last”

Mordazan’s deep voice broke the silence. It seemed calm and without trouble. As if the heavy ropes covering his body were something he had not yet noticed.
Darian flitched, luckily without the knowledge of Mordazan’s blind eyes, but he had talked his way through several dark persona as the would-be cultist leader Mortion Deathsinger – him and Mordazan had even talked twice, though the first lacked oppertunity to finnish the job.

”I now meet you as you truly are. Your falsehood revealed, so to speak”

Mordazan continued, interrupting Darian’s line of thought, as if he knew what he was thinking.

”Don’t forget who will be asking the questions here, you’re smart enough to know that you’ll only leave this place in pjeces – so you can decide wether you’ll speak or face the consequences. Nobody will hear you scream”

Darian had given that speech several times. The usual impact was a lot more significant. Mordazan just appeared to be thinking, as if considering a somewhat reasonable offer. Darian had all his tools prepared, even some that were frowned upon by large groups in the SI:7 – but this situation would require it. The end would justify the mean.

”Ask, then”

Darian arched a brow as Mordazan replied. They usually refused the first time. But nevermind it, he had all the time in the world. If this old man thinks he can run around conors with him, he does not know who is sitting in front of him.

”Tell me about you. Who are you? How can you live like this?”

Always a good way to open. Let them talk to loosen their tongue. Usually they’d lie, but it would always make it easier to get them to speak later.

”Hmm, very well. I am Mordazan Darkhope, and i have led the Sphere since Ataris the Soulblighter last walked amongst men. Many call me cruel and heartless, which is further from the truth than most of my enemies care to admit”

Mordazan cleared his throat slightly. His voice was perfectly calm and balanced, as if telling a story he had told many times before, and Darian caught himself in forgetting to note down the things he usually did. Positure, manner of speaking, manner of sitting and so usually told a great deal alongside the actual words ofcourse.
But he was sitting with a man of utter evil. He had murdered and plauged without heed, mercy or remorse. But he had also done so without passion. His work had been clean, efficient, without rage or anger. He wasn’t a maniac or a crazed bloodthirsty killer, as the church claimed, nor the impulsive, relentless murderer that mothers told their children of.
No. He was controlled and calm. Pure evil contained within a human body and there was not the passion of the man that kills for love or for a cause, nor the twisted and illusionated mind of a madman to excuse his actions.
He was aware of what he did. He was fully aware. And he messured his own actions on a silver scale and chose evil – to speak to such a man put even a man like Darian in awe.

”Everything I do, I do with reason and logic on my side. It is true that I do not understand, or choose not to accept, moral as you and the rest of the light-dogs do. But why would I? There is no reason, no logic, in that.
For what is moral? It is the dictatorship of a school of magic that have created this ’religious’ status and thereby gotten a horde of madmen to kill anyone who speaks against its so called ’truth’. And yes, ofcourse the Holy Light have powers – but so do the magic school of fire, and likewise the dark arts. I would be a fool to deny the existance of what you call ”the gifts of the Light”.
But I do deny it as a thinking entity. The thought is absurd. If the Light would decree the actions of one, why not fire decree the actions of the next? Have the Holy Light itself formulated its dictatorship or have it truly been dictated by men and woman who merely had an extraordinary control with these so called ’holy’ powers?
The illogical construction that you refer to as ’moral’ is nothing more than a dictatorship of thoughts. Men and woman that, much like Kings of old, have placed their flag in your mind and claimed it theirs. They have ruled that you must not kill, even if one death would save hundreds. They have decreed that no man may lie, even if the lie would bring peace or prosperity. They have decided to brand the manipulations of the Shadow as evil.
And where they planted there flag in times long past, they continue to rule until this day. And you and your people are nothing but slaves to their decrees.
Me. Me and my Acolytes. We have freed ourselves. And our freedom have been hard earned and wrecked from the Light’s iron grip.”

Darian was writing like his life depended on it. His stance, his tone, everything seemed to melt together in harmony. His calm voice and his forceful positure showing that he truly believed in this. He was truly a man of evil. He knew good aswell as evil and still he choose the path of the heretic and the depraved? He knew moral, yet he choose to defy it? Was his mind truly as cold and emotionless a cage?

”But… Do you never feel regret? No, ignore that question. Do you ever fear anything?”

Darian bit his own lip. Too quick, too enthusiastic.

”Ah yes, regret, fear… I have heard many death screams, I have had many men scarred for life, I have heard the screams and the cries for mercy…
It is a strange thing, to fear. I feel as keenly as any war veteran, the toll of taking lives. Perhaps even more, given my connection with the Nether. When a soul is truly release its body… It is… indescriptible…
It is worst at night, just before you fall to sleep. That is where all your deeds come back to you. The screams of the dying, the faces of the dead. In that moment you cannot force it out. It assaults your mind relentlessly as you are too tired to fight it back. And then, you sleep. And the next morning, it is nothing but a fleeting dream”

Darian opened his mouth, unable to formulate his questions. This was so unlike anything he had tried before. His thoughts were likewise interrupted with a bump from the outside… He knew that nobody knew of this sacred place. How could..?

The hidden trapdoor sprang open and before Darian could draw a weapon, three men in dark leather armor had blades pointing at his chest. How could they?

One of the men cut loose Mordazan and he calmly rose and walked towards the table where Darian had put all the things he had found on Mordazan. Reaching down Mordazan picked up a small purple gem and placed it on his desk. One of the dark men flickered his hand, and a perfectly identical stone landed just next to the one Mordazan had placed.
It dawned to him… Such a simple trick… He had been… A fool, nothing less!... But it would still mean…

”Yes, yes, ofcourse I knew all along.”

Mordazan’s voice had not changed from their conversation, it was still as calm and cold as ever.

”I need the things you have stored over the years. This was the only way to get them. My pattern of actions are only… Logical. Now, ofcourse you have to die”

Darian felt the chill down his spine. He had been decieved. Maybe he had let himself be decieved in this mighty task that he had so wanted to complete. It mattered not. He knew the man. There would be no plea of mercy, no offer he could make would even tempt him. He would die here and the defiance of death was soon defeated by the grim situation he was in. He acknowledged his own death.

”Gather all the scrolls and the books, burn everything and conceal the room again.”

Mordazan turned his gaze back at Darian just as he felt the cold and merciless steel of a dagger on his throat.

”If it is any comfort. If you believe in the ’Light’s Afterlife’ or such. I can tell you that what I’ve said tonight remains truth. You can even tell your faithful friends so that you may laugh when I do not recieve such glory after I pass away.”

Now, Mordazan’s voice was edged like poison. The sarcasm, the blalant defiance of the Light and its teachings, clear in his voice. And that is when Darion died. Quickly and quietly.
Months passed before the SI:7 declared another agent lost.

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Re: captured

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bump for more stories, there's always someone reading them ^^


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Re: captured

Post by Jayse on Tue Nov 09, 2010 8:38 am

Good read indeed sir!

And yes I read alot but rarely have time to post replies Sad Only just caught this one. Enjoyed it!

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Re: captured

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