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Post by Azarth/Tyzai on Sat Feb 13, 2010 6:53 am

I don't even know it's name, Wanja kept saying it but I'm yet to remember it. To me it was simply anouther creature invading my home. Just like the Chapter, The Chapter who for some reason enjoy yelling of conquest in the middle of the night. Even if I could tune them out, the now screaming child couldn't. Something needed to be done. Either the child goes, or the Chapter.
It was asif she knew, the very moment I pick up my knife from the side of the cott, Wanja mumbled in her sleep, violently. She'd been doing that alot, coincerdentle whenever I was about to kill the little wretch. 'Mothers Girl' indeed. The child began it's own sleep talking, only the stupid thing didn't know many words. It just sort of... Made annoying little sounds. Spit up alot too.
I left the house, I couldn't keep listening to it gurgle. The closest graveyard was across a couple of fields, not even a long walk, even shorter when you take into account how long I'll exist now. Duskwood hadn't felt like home since I came back, not untill the first time my foot touched the hollow ground of a graveyard. It still felt strangely tainted, asif the Chapters very presence here was changing my beloved forest. The Light radiated from a few of the graves. They must of blessed one or two. Disgusting.
After a few hours of testing, I found the right grave to sit at. Hours.. I spent hours looking for a grave to sit at.. And the Graveyard only has about forty graves. Maybe less. I'm starting to realise why Draenei whine on about how long they live and how it 'opens their mind'. I suppose you have more time to take things into consideration.. I don't know.
This particular gravestone was rather shoddily built, proberly a poor man. I never read the names on these things, it makes it all too impersonal. I'm sure the man didn't want to be known by his name, birth date and death date. That's not how people should be known.. Living or dead.
The spell began as I allowed my eyes to close. Well, my eyes were technically cut out even before I died. I've found a way to get around though, help from beyond the grave. A 'Spirit Guide' if you will. Although, to help my appearence and stop people fussing, it was easy enough to craft two orbs from ice and keep them there. For show.
I didn't need to see it, to know the lights and magic of Necromancey circled the graveyard. Distorted wails and screams cried out from the magic and around six feet bellow me, the gentle scratching of bone on wood could be heard.
"The sun's rising kid. Best get home." Now, you know when I said 'Spirit Guide' I litterally meant it.. Most of the time he'd just radiate death from an object so I knew it was there, some objects are too abstract or big to be made 'visable' so he simply has to tell me they're there. Like the sun. He tells me when it rises and when it sets.
Wanja and the child were asleep when I got home, although, it was clear she'd woken up and tended to the baby over and over while I'd been gone, and I promised I'd do it tonight. Wanja looked exhausted. She had done since we got the little bundle of pointless mass. I headed to the kitchen, hoping breakfast in bed could stop her from taking my manhood after I left her to anouther night of a crying child.


Can't find any of the old stories. Sorry about that. And enjoy even if I am rubish at this stuff.

-Tyzai xo.

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Re: Home(less)

Post by Cathee Norris on Sat Feb 13, 2010 6:57 am

Awsum! ^^

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Re: Home(less)

Post by Elízabéth Moren on Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:03 pm

Your not bad at it, that was quiet interesting!
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Re: Home(less)

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