To exist eternally.

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To exist eternally.

Post by Antistia on Wed Sep 08, 2010 7:47 am

*posters carrying the following message are found throughout the settlements of Quel'Thalas and in Silvermoon itself, they're written in Thalassian*

Friends, countrymen,

We, the sin’dorei find ourselves in possession of the most beautiful lands on this world, though scarred they may be the tales telling the beauty of our lands are told across all the world, in all the nations.

We find ourselves under a benevolent regency which does more to better our country, to heal the wounds of war, and to improve the livelihood of our citizenry than any other sovereign may claim to be. The benevolence of this regency stems from a purification of our political system after the destruction of the Scourge, and yet it is based upon what once was, there were sacrifices to create such a pure government by all sin’dorei and yet it is also part of a legacy bequeathed to us by hardy, brave and patriotic people: Those whom perished in the defence of our homeland.

Those who died gave us a final task as they drew their last breath, it is a task of gratitude to them, doing good for our children, love for our species and the caretaking of our homeland, it is this task we must ever faithfully perform, in the name of Quel’Thalas and all who perished defending it.

How then must we perform this task? Are we to expect danger? Yes, we are. Yet are we to expect some foreign military giant to come to our lands and crush us where we stand? Never! No army in either the Eastern Kingdoms or Kalimdor, no, not even outside of our world can forcefully drink from Stillwhisper pond or make camp on the Tranquil shore, no! Not in a war of ten-thousand years will they be able to do so!
Yet it does not mean we must allow arrogance and pride to overtake our dealings with other peoples, we must be measured, and calculated!

Then how are we to expect danger if our kingdom will last for all eternity in the face of an outside threat when it is not an outsider’s task to do so? I answer if it ever springs up amongst us, it will be born from us. If destruction is our fate we ourselves must be its author. As a nation of proud, patriotic sin’dorei we shall either live forever, or die by suicide.

I hope we do not give birth to such an abomination yet we must be wary, for in the multitude of councilors there is wisdom, yet in the multitude of rulers, there is destruction. We must clench desperately to those virtues which give us strength: Discipline, knowledge, and reason. We mustn’t give in to emotion, ignorance and the whims of the masses. We must watch closely for those whom give in to these things and ensure they regain their footing, one way or another.

Our army must stay disciplined, our people must remain knowledgeable and our government must remain guided by reason for when we give in to those things we shall be the author of our own demise and we shall die by suicide.

Yet if we hold true to these virtues then as a nation of proud and patriotic sin’dorei we shall live forever!

- Magistrix Sunsworn


I was in the mood to write something for them Belves Wink

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Re: To exist eternally.

Post by Shaelyssa on Thu Sep 09, 2010 5:34 am

Cerrania ... making fairy elves look cool since TBC :p


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