[IC] Duskwood report to the Stormwind Council

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[IC] Duskwood report to the Stormwind Council

Post by Melnerag on Fri Feb 12, 2010 6:36 am

Noble sirs,

Our campaign in Duskwood has lasted for about a week now and we believe that now it is proper time to send the Council our first report on the subject. We shall cover our progress in reclaiming the lands, fighting the cultists, rebuilding the town.


Our primary objective had been to reclaim the totality of the Darkshire valley within one week. This includes the flatland on north-eastern corner of the forest, the road from Redridge to Darkshire, town of Darkshire, farmlands south of town and Tranquil Garden cemetery. We have failed to fully meet this task as Tranquil Garden cemetery still remains unconquered. We shall make the conquest of it our chief priority.

Our secondary objective is to reach the border of Westfall, get the bridge and the town of Raven Hill in our hands and construct make-shift fortifications on the borders of Stranglethorn Valley. We have cleared the road to the crossing into the Vale but face severe opposition from the cultists. We need aid of Stormwind Troops to meet these goals within the set timetable of one week from now. I remind you, sirs, that control of the pass into the Vale is quintessential to the overall security of this realm, as we cannot allow Troll raiders to pillage our lands and snatch our citizens - let stand permit a Troll army enter this kingdom unimpeded.

Tertiary objective is the reclaiming of the forests and outlying villages and hamlets. Slow progress is expected here as we are dealing with vast territories, deep forests, uncharted lands and infestation of natural and un-natural beasts as well as the cultists. Forests around Darkshire have absolute priority.

War on Cultistm

Of around 3000 people living in Darkshire over seventy have been executed. A few of them were actual cultists whose lives were cut short according to His Majesty's law against cultists. A vast majority were people actively supporting the Dark Sphere. These traitors were executed based on the charges of High Treason against the crown, as it is self-evident that those who cavort with the Cultists have no place within this Kingdom - or this world.

The Chapter was exceedingly sparing with dissenters and low-criminals. According to the laws of a war-zone most outspoken dissenters, who tried to rally others and instigate revolt, were executed. We have tried to address low-crime in most lenient style possible to avoid additional loss of life. Thieves and Plunderers were forced to pay compensation to the victim and to the treasury of Darkshire and then put to public work.

We have apprehended several trusted members of the Dark Sphere, some of which have faced death. Some are still in detention. We also write you with deep concern over the safety of prisoners. Certain liberal elements from Stormwind have been obstructing our work and jeopardizing the safety of prisoners. We ask the Council to inform all its personnel in Darkshire not to in any way whatsoever interfere with prisoners in detention. We shall treat any interference as direct attack which in a War-zone warrants immediate execution.

Overall our effort to rid the place from cultists is going ahead tremendously well. It will take the Sphere a long time to regain the influence it had lost amongst the people of Duskwood and recreate the decimated group of aides and sympathizers. The inner circle of the cult is still at large somewhere beyond the Deadwind Pass.


Thanks to the supplies from Stormwind and elsewhere we were able to proceed with repairs to the township structures. We took liberty to begin with communal buildings and shall carry on with individual dwellings when the time comes. Fields of Darkshire have been retaken and cleared; the farmers were given the task to find cultures which can grow in the un-natural darkness of this place. Overall, the restoration of the Township had not truly begun as we still have affirm our control of the town and surrounding lands.


Leadership of the Chapter is pleased with over-all progress and believes that the province of Duskwood will be cleared soon. We take it upon ourselves to transfer control of the province to the Crown when royal armies return from Northrend and are capable of protecting the place. However, should his Royal Majesty desire it so, The Chapter is willing to stay as assigned protectors and administrators of Duskwood.

We also think it necessary to remind the King and the Council of the ancient liberties of the people of Duskwood. The Council of Darkshire had and will in the future administer the province and handle matters of policing and judiciary, as well has have the right to impose local taxes and pass laws which do not contradict existing Laws of the Realm. The Council of Darkshire is answerable before the Crown and will pay the usual Royal Tax. Matters of Foreign Relations, Legislature and Protection are also vested in the Crown. The Chapter of Holy Anethion has resolved to protect the liberties of the people of Duskwood and, although we shall always kneel before the will of His Majesty, we would rather not let Duskwood become an integrate part of Stormwind, under control of Stormwind Council and ruled by an appointed official.

Light Save the King!

Faith Shall Overcome!

Abbot Waldemar,
Supreme Lector of the Chapter

Protector Imanuel,
Protector of the Chapter in Stormwind&Duskwood

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Re: [IC] Duskwood report to the Stormwind Council

Post by Mandui on Mon Feb 15, 2010 7:04 am

To Abbot Waldemar, Supreme Lector of the Chapter.

Dear sir,

last night, not long after ten bells, I arrived in Darkshire, in order to provide my aid wherever it might be needed. To my dismay, I was approached by several members of your Order, including Protector Imanuel himself. Some of them became aggressive from the very start, accused me of unspeakable things and proceeded to use rather insulting terms. It didn't take long before I was directly attacked by three of them, despite my attempts to assure them that I was not being any kind of threat. Protector Imanuel ordered them to stop but in vain. They ignored his words and kept on attacking me, until I was forced to react, in order to survive and flee. I own my life to those who found me and saved me from a slow death, which would have occurred due to the severe bleeding from the wounds their blows inflicted. As I found out this morning, the names of those who attacked me are Rhebeca, Berathil and Christopher. I was unable to acquire their last names, but I trust you know the people in your Order.

Your members showed a fanaticism which crossed every known border. Not only was I attacked, despite an officer's direct orders against it, but I was followed by them, while my saviors were doing their best to save my life, and was shot a second time while being unconscious. Imanuel was unable to maintain discipline and order amongst those present.

Abbot, the zealotry your Order demonstrated is highly disturbing and unacceptable. The men and women serving the Chapter are supposed to protect the areas in Duskwood against our common foes, not attack the ones who are trying to help. They seem to have gone completely blind in regards to the truth, drawing hasty conclusions by something as trivial as a person's garments and thus condemning those who do not apply to their ideals.

The city of Stormwind showed willingness and trust in your Order, by providing whatever means necessary to achieve a stabilization in the region. The presence of several ministers in Darkshire, including myself, is an obvious sign of the trust bestowed upon you and your cause. Last night's events have damaged this trust severely. I was almost murdered because your members believed that my appearance resembles the one of a cultist. How is anyone to trust people who are so narrow minded? Where is the discipline that the Council was promised when the Chapter asked for our help?

I received an apologetic letter from Imanuel this morning and I truly appreciate the fact that at least him seems to know that I do not represent any threat. However, this does not overhaul the severity of last night's events. I demand those responsible to be brought to justice. They are obviously a threat not only to me, but to anyone who does not follow their fanaticism. They should be punished and made clear of why their actions are unacceptable in order to prevent any similar future incidents.

With respect,

Mandui Delaney, Chairlady of the Stormwind Council

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