Notices around Stormwind

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Notices around Stormwind

Post by Jeanpierre on Sat Aug 28, 2010 9:14 am

*The notices look like they were made in a rush*

Citizens of Stormwind!

A new disease has been reported among a few of our citizens. We urge our citizens to remain calm and not to give in to the fear that some people try to spread! There is no need for panic.
The doctors at the Cathedral wish to note that the following procedures aid in avoiding infection.

1) Remain calm and rest well. A rested body can whitstand infections more easily.
2) Wear protective gloves and wash your hands and arms regularly.
3) Bathe daily

A cure is imminent! Already symptomatic treatment can be offered to patients.
If you fear you are infected, then you can consult us at the medical wing in the Cathedral. By the Light, we will help you!
Do not put faith in false cures sold on the streets!

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