Bloodbond - guildleader Wénndý

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Bloodbond - guildleader Wénndý

Post by Mirian Lightguard on Mon Aug 23, 2010 10:37 am


"You are my sister and brother! The blood we shed together, it is a bond none can break.
I'm you and you are me, we are one!"

The fear to be forgotten and alone filled their heads with dispear and sorrow.
The wish to find their soulmate, the missing part of themself brought them together, to create a bond.
All the years of wars and fallen people who has left them, makes them long for peace and safety.

Years of war has torn the peoples soul apart, becuse of the memories from the battlefields that haunts their mind.
Their lost, their grief to lost their follow brothers and sisters in the battle-fields.
Tierd to suffer alone people has seek to each other to create a bond so they never feel lost or alone again.

The nightmares from the battle fields made them wake up in panic. All the pain and suffering, they wanted it to stop. They pray to their gods to find serenity and happiness, the answer was the bond. It is not evil nor good just love between two souls in great friendship or a true infatuation. It does´nt matter the sex, appearance or race its the bond of true love.

the observer: the observer shall make sure the ritual of the bond goes well and none gets harmed or used to do things they don't want to do.
The keepers: Their task is to see the promise the two does don't brake for silly things.. the brake of a bond is most painfull and it feel the person is dying from flames. The keepers shall make sure the bond stays intact or make the braking easier.
The Balance: it shows the state people is in.. they are now in the state to know themself and their own wishes of life itself. To find their missing part to create the bond with.

1: Don't destroy for other Roleplayers this will be a thing you will get kicked for. I want evryone to have a greate time so if you don't know how to Rp then wisper me and i will give you a mentor that will give you tips and how to get better.
It is about to have a wonderful and fun time together.

2: Insults and personal fights shall not be taken up in guildchat, I will be there to help if that is needed.
no racial jokes or sexistic jokes shall be in the guildchat.

3: Don't do ooc things when you are ic. And don't sign on events if you will not show up on them.

4: If you find someone to create a Bond with then tell me or someone in charge in guild so a ritual event can be created.

5: Have fun!

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