2. A thought of Umpty

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2. A thought of Umpty

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 08, 2010 3:59 pm

There is such a big world out there. Yet, all the energy is focused around Stormwind and its vicinity. Duskwood, a light forsaken place seems to be energetic. There is a battle going on there almost continuously.

The town there, is called Darkshire and with good reason. It’s a dark place functioning as a magnet for evildoers. And where darkness prevails, light must intervene. It’s the endless cycle this planet is in. Perhaps not only the planet, perhaps the whole universe. Multiverse even.

Let’s not get all philosophical about it. I’ve learned that being open minded can be quite dangerous on Azeroth.

I’m the guest, so I’m to respect them… for now.


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