Stormwind Wake Up!

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Re: Stormwind Wake Up!

Post by Millana on Sat Aug 21, 2010 7:21 am

Millana growls as she is roused from her alchohol-fueled slumber by a soft but persistant knocking at her door. She throws the portal to her reeking quarters open to find her squire clutching a rolled up poster; the boy turns crimson at the sight of his less than fully clothed mistress. Millana snatches the poster from his unresisting fingers and slams the door without a word.

Her perpetual half-smile widens in bemusement as she reads the lengthy pronouncement.

"Sounds like my kind o' people if ye can look past the rape." she remarks to herself in her thick Arathorian accent. "Maybe if the nobles an' other folks were no so soft they'd no need rescuin' every minute o' the day. This the kind o' pansy this city can turn even an princess o' Arathor in tae?"

She shakes her head and drops the poster to the floor along with the rest of the room's detritus, and begins strapping on her officers regalia. At least a rise in criminal activity might give her a chance to bash a few heads.

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Re: Stormwind Wake Up!

Post by Gallandria on Sun Aug 22, 2010 5:41 am

Veialynn tilts her head left and right where a poster seems to be removed she looks at where the poster once was then at the wall she taps her her cheek.

"Stormwind really needs to clean there walls look how unclean it is Sir Edrik!" After such a comment Veialynn is grabbed by the arm and dragged off to continue with what ever buissness she had planned for the day.

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