Gallyndra - Chapter Five: A Knight is born

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Gallyndra - Chapter Five: A Knight is born

Post by Sharyssa/Adenah on Fri Aug 13, 2010 8:01 am

The city was once again deserted as the inhabitants where all vast asleep, the moonlight shining upon the glorious spires of Silvermoon. The towers lighting up like large beacons in the night and casting a small shadow through the window that lingered upon Gallyndra's face.
The womans skin was covered in sweat while her head rolled from one side to another, silent groans escaping her lips as she seemed to be caught in a nightmare.
"No....." She jerked up, awakening from her sleep and her eyes wide open and the words dying in her throat while she stares into the dark room, gasping silently for air. She doesn't move for a while, the images slowly leaving her mind, her heartbeat calming down as the nightmare fades and reality takes over again.
Gallyndra shakes her head, flinching briefly at the stinging pain in her jaw as she raises her hand to rub the swollen side of her face and lets out an angered mutter.
"I haven't fought this hard to gain my position to let you interfere and try and break me down Porsonga"
Her emerald eyes flare up with fierce determination, glowing brightly in the dark before closing them again, letting her mind wander to the day she took all her belongings that she had left and reported in to become a Blood Knight.


The commander could not hide the mocking smirk on his face as his gaze traveled over the young woman, her lithe frame clad in an elegant gown and her gaze casted downwards. Yes she clearly was feeling nervous while he eyed her up and down, a low chuckle built up in his chest and he shook his head.
"Miss Duskblade, you do not look like you'd survive only once second in battle, nor do you look like you would ever fit into the order .... why don't you just find yourself a nice man to take care of you. This order is no place for a young spoiled noble"
He grinned at her with a sly expression, clearly enjoying the view and at the same time gleefully mocking the foolish woman standing in front of him.
But Gallyndra snapped her head up, her expression a mixture of stubborness and panic, she NEEDED this, she had to become stronger, find a purpose ... she had lost everything.
"I .... am NOT a spoiled noble, and I will train hard to be able to survive. Take me in ... I will prove you that I am fit to be one of your knights."
A slight tremble in her voice was inevitable as the man in front of her towered above her, his back straightened as he chuckled again.
"Look at you, never before you have wielded a sword and I doubt you have ever worn any armor"

The female narrowed her eyes, fighting back her tears of frustration. Could he not see? She was mentally broken, her pain and sorrow was all she had .... all she wanted was a way out, she could do this, and if not .... she would have tried at least. Her parents wouldn't have approved of this, but because of the scourge ....
She straightened her back herself, inhaling deeply and looking straight into the commanders eyes while fighting her weak side, struggling to be strong and have a determined tone in her voice when she parts her lips to reply.
"There is scourge out there that needs to be defeated, you need more forces to battle in Icecrown and here I stand.I have never wielded any weapon before as you said, but you won't sent me away without giving me a chance to prove that I am able to do so with some training."

Silence .... he merele stared at her while she inhaled again, calming herself as the blood in her veins was rushing to her face, making her blush deeply. But the woman never looked away, no matter how hard it was to keep looking into those piercing green eyes of the commander. But she saw doubt, and a flash of approval .... He nodded once, she had impressed the old and battered Knight, something in the tone of her voice, the edge to her words as she spoke back.

"There is some fire in you..." He didn't finish his sentence but turned around and took a piece of parchment of his desk, scribbling down a quick note before handing it to her and eyeing her up and down once last time, wanting to check once more if he made the right decision.
"You will go and hand this note to one of our trainers you can find on farstrider square, he will make sure you get armor and a weapon. If you work hard enough you will earn your tabard and be sent out to war".
His voice sounded stern and distant, perhaps even slightly reluctant while he released the note for wich Gallyndra had extended her hand slowly.
A woman like her did not belong in the fray of battle, she looked fragile and perhaps even too young. Once again he shook his head, merely to himself as he turned around and waved his hand dismissively, her couldn't ignore the fierce fire he had heard in her voice, nor could he get the image of her expression out of his mind, her eyes staring into his had touched him deeply and he had given in with a sudden impulse.
"Go now before I change my mind"
He did not see the smile that formed on her face before she turned around to quickly walk over to the traininggrounds, determined to start her training and become stronger.


A smirk spread on Gallyndra's face while opening her eyes again, she wasn't the same anymore. No longer the weak woman that she was when she signed up into the Order so many years ago. Turning her head to the side she looked to the window, seeing the spires rise above the city before looking down to the dark silouette next to her, the smirk fading.
In the dark she could see Suiauthons features only vaguely but seeing him sleep always made her feel warm and a gentle smile formed around her mouthcorners before she extended a hand and idly stroked his hair.
He stirred briefly and a low sigh escaped his lips but he did not wake up, he rarely did. The female leaned closer, her eyes fixated upon his face as her smile became brighter as she whispers to her sleeping fiance.
"I love you"
Lovingly she brushes her lips against his forehead, deeply inhaling his scent and savouring it. This was the man she would marry in only two days, the only man she could imagine herself with for her entire lifetime. Only a few more days and she would be his wife, unlike other women she did not feel nervous, no cold feet ...No she would never leave him, the emotions that had grown inside her might have scared her at the start but now she could not imagine a life without him anymore.

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Re: Gallyndra - Chapter Five: A Knight is born

Post by Sinnadrin on Fri Aug 13, 2010 1:23 pm

Nicely-written, as always. Cool

Zuyala/Najwah/Gallyndra wrote:"I .... am NOT a spoiled noble, and I will train hard to be able to survive. Take me in ... I will prove you that I am fit to be one of your knights."
A slight tremble in her voice was inevitable as the man in front of her towered above her, his back straightened as he chuckled again.
"Look at you, never before you have wielded a sword and I doubt you have ever worn any armor"

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