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Post by Jayse on Thu Aug 12, 2010 7:37 am

"What happened?.." He found himself staring at a delicate array of azure translucent silks draping the canopy of a fourpost bed. Stripped of clothing but not bound and upon a quick assertaition a lack of immidiate danger was clear. The room was hazy, incense.. or perhaps his vision still slightly blurred. Tracing the flecks of dancing shadows from a fireplace across the polished marble floors and what would appear in daylight to be eggshell workmanship detailed in gold and blue framing the circular walls coving. A few sparse candles set about the room scented the air with a subtle yet heady aroma. Pulling his head from the soft pillows Jayse slowly sat up, staring at the white cotten sheet gathered to just cover from exposure. Coming fully to sense his ears pricked to the sound of water being slowly poured across the room, paired with a gentle fammiliar voice.. "Ah.. you're awake.. Come.."

With a wry smirk Jayse slowly slid from under the sheets, walking through the light drapes brushing across his naked frame as he crossed the room to where Celindrith was sat, half laying across a gathering of deep red cushions. She wore little best left to imagination, golden curled locks covering the chest cascading from a tilted head. Fingers gently stirring scented water in a large basin next to a mirror stood barely illuminating almost perfect Quel'dorei bonestructure from the fireplace behind. Jayse stopped midway across the room taking a moment to look her over as his eyes adjusted to the light. She returned a coy smirk of her own slowly lifting her head to do the same and in gesture to a larger cushion set before her almost whispering in a silvery tounge "I can see you perfectly.. lay down.."

Complying with a grin Jayse lowerd himself to knees then slowly twisted to lay on the cushion guided by her hand to rest head against barechest. Celindrith smiled turning her head looking down, soft cyan eyes within a blonde curling curtian of locks falling over his shoulders. "I.. didn't expect quite the.. figure.." Brushing her fingers up across his chest with an almost satisfied smile to gently scratch his unkept jawline.

"I didn't expect more then coffee.." Jayse took a long breath deeply exhaling in reply, looking back to the bed idly across the room. He felt well rested, moreso then the past weeks had allowed him; or he had allowed himself. Celindrith laughed lightly, leaning down to press a long gentle kiss to his hair. "What is a woman without a little.. mystery?.." she whispers to his ear before leaning gracefully to dip a small towel into the basin of warm water.

"You've been asleep for two nights and a half day.. Which, i'm not suprised given the magical strain on a tired mind" She adjusts his head to rest comfortably against her chest with an appraising eye. Leaning with her other hand to lightly wring the towel then gathers it around his neck to moisten the skin. "I have no idea what you were thinking.. Dalaran of all places you know well enough section seven would have been there.. and trying to fight your way out of the sewer?.." She paused simply shaking her head reaching for a jar of scented cream, smoothing a large amount between palms. "If I hadn't removed us from the situation.. we'd both be dead by now.." Her lips curled to a teasing grin, pulling the steaming towel from his face then very carefully, massaging the cream against his face. Closing his eyes to her touch he relaxed fully in position. She was right however, no matter how much he thought about his lack of judgement.

The crowds that night were simple enough to slip through but the sudden commotion at the wine merchants drew the wrong kind of attention. Making matters worse his way to the trade district had been blocked by a dragon and it's charge, entertaining a large congregation of orc and human alike. His only percieved option being to make his way back underground through an open grate in the wall. Upon tearing through the sodden waterways any exits were quickly being sealed by hooded Agents in full gear, swarming to mass like ant's from a disturbed nest. He'd been channelled to the underground arena with no way out, managing to steal a blade from a resting combatant in passing before surrounded and vastly outnumbered. Preparing to make his stand he would go down fighting at least having lost his chance of redemption. Yet as his aggressors made thier charge she appeared in a flash before him, wrapping her arms tightly around his chest almost shouting a brief incantation in Thallassian before they both vanished without trace. The blade in his hand falling to the wet stones with a clatter.From then he'd fell exhausted to the same room he lay in now. The stress that both running for life coupled with a body and mind crying out for rest simply incapacitated him in teleportation.

He slowly opened his eyes too glance up in thought. Celindrith had saved him but he didn't know whom she was. She knew of Miles and at least enough about himself to do what she did. Yet her motives remained shadowed despite the fact being so forthcoming with consideration, he kept a veil of caution over the moment of intimacy. He'd play along for now..

She smiled back gently biting the lower lip, dipping her hands into the basin and took up a sharp razor, slowly gliding the flat of the blade up his neck with a careful eye watching her work through the mirror beside them with parted lips. "Just relax.. your in good hands.." She smirked breifly "Once.. We have you looking your best.. We'll see if you have the stamina to match.."

Jayse simply chuckled, brushing the back of a hand across her cheek and through her hair coaxing delicatly into a long kiss. Afterall, it would be rude to decline her advances even if he was simply being used for a night of playful fantasy. The answers to his questions could wait until the morning..

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Re: Company

Post by Magaskawee/Anaei on Thu Aug 12, 2010 9:25 am

Brilliant as always jayse. Smile

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Re: Company

Post by Valerias on Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:06 am

A fun one! Your lavish description fit the scene, and the 'I didn't expect quite the figure'... 'I didn't expect more than coffee' exchange was good for a smirk. A beautiful mysterious woman, an agent on the run... all very classic! Glad you were inspired to write again.

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Re: Company

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