Return of the Troll.

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Return of the Troll.

Post by Cur on Fri Jul 30, 2010 6:34 am

In a town far far away.. if you're living in the eastern kingdoms that is. A troll gazed over Ratchet with a casual smile on his face. He could see downtown, goblins were doing what they always do, trying to make some coin. It was rather amusing to watch, and he loved to it often. Surely the place was filled with travelers of different races from all corners of the world. But these little green bastards were the soul and heart of this place, no wonder the town was the biggest tradehub of Kalimdor, though certainly not the most honest.

"Dere be de shipment!" Guldujenu said out loud. "I can smell eet." he chuckled to himself.

In the horizon a familiar ship could be seen. Filled with goods brought over the sea from Booty Bay. Hopefully noone will drop the torch on the explosives this time, which were unfortunately right next to the ale barrels, what a loss..

Guldujenu quickly hopped on to his mechano-hog and after several attempts and a loud bang from the exaustion pipe he started the engine, adjusted his green monocle and set down towards the docks. The breeze of air was refreshing. But his norstrils were quickly filled with the smell that could make even the smelliest ogre cringe, the smell of the docks. While driving he had to slow down because of the crazy goblins who desperately tried to sell things to him jumped infront of him waving their arms trying to grab his attention. Eventhough a sword with a scope on it would certainly come in handy he only had enough money for the important shipment. So he increased his speed before he would be distracted. He was not sure but it may have been a goblin he just hit, all he could feel was a little bump on the road, his eyes were too fixed on the dock to see anything else.

After arriving at the actual dock, the ship had allready nearly docked. He drove his hog all the way, right next to the ship. He patiently waited for his cargo. His eyes fixed on every barrel that came out.

"Finalleh! Ovah 'ereh green mon! Ovah 'ereh! For de Broken keel eh?!"

The goblins who were rolling the barrels out, looked at Guldujenu raising their eyebrows.

"Dats de rum right?" "I can take eet from 'ereh i got dem.. documents." he said with a broad smile and raised his sack of coin.

The goblins understood the cough and immediately rolled two of the barrels towards Guldujenu. "Hurry up man, don't tell the captain alright? Where's the money?" One of the goblins hurriedly said.

"Sure ting mon, 'ere yah go. Twenteh gold right?" Guldujenu said with an absent minded tone.

The goblins looked at eachother. "Twenty!? You said thirty at least!"

"I be saying twenty now, dem barrels be all dusty. And dose corks be all loose." Guldujenu said with a serious tone, waving his sack around (the sack of coins).

"Fine then, but we ain't doing this again!" Said the goblin angrily grabbing the sack from Guldu's hands. They then ran back to the ship, continuing with the unloading as if nothing happened.

Guldujenu laughed at his own cunning mind untill he relized there were two large ale barrels sitting next to his side cart.. next to it. Not on it.

"Mah back be hurtin' tomorrah." he sighted.


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