1. A thought of Umpty.

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1. A thought of Umpty.

Post by Guest on Sat Feb 06, 2010 3:50 pm

I’m tired.

Tired of their ignorance. I'm tired of them not listening. I'm tired of them, only following their own ideas, their own believes. There is no room for suggestion, no room for outside help, there is no room at all. Because their minds are filled with confusion, with this endless search for reason, this endless search for good and evil.

It’s duality this planet thrives on and that should be stopped. Yet, even the Titans were unable to maintain balance. They create and leave. Thank you Titans, fools.

I have the tools to do this. I have my sisters, my followers, my mouth and I’m able to bend the light... Even shadow.

When I first got here, when I awoke from the crash, I wanted to go back. Back up. A new world startled me bacause everyone is afraid of new things and Draeneis are no exception. Yet we grew tired of running, who wouldn't be.

The ground felt strange, the sand touching my hooves somehow felt ‘unknown’. Our ship wasn’t able to go back up, so I tried to embrace this world. We’ve met the Elves who called themselfs Night Elves and I was intrigued by them. They were wise, friendly and bared much wait on their shoulders due the past.

I learned of the other races. Humans caught my attention. In my opinion the most powerful race on the side of the Alliance. For some reason the most races flock to their capital called Stormwind. Who am I not to follow?

I entered Stormwind and I loved it. It was amazing, versatile and much to do and to hear. Yet, it was divided. It was divided into so many fraction only confusion could come of it. And confused they are. They fight, kill and all cry for a little piece of authority.

They should be balanced…


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