Dalaran Red

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Dalaran Red

Post by Jayse on Tue Jul 20, 2010 5:43 am

(following on from The Bronze Kettle)

Dalaran City. The floating capital of all things just beyond the common man's grasp. Fine wines, expensive silks, delicate cultured company. You only needed to walk it's bustled streets nestled below the highrisen elven architecture to see for yourself. Everyone in thought, or the occasional metaphysics discussion over a table of the rarest cheese and fruit from the four corners of the known world.

It was a city of grandure, everyone had money and they wern't afraid to show it. The sun had long since retired but most everyone knew this is when Dalaran truly stirred. The purple hues of the night sky began to explode in a wash of bright colours high above eagerfaced crowds gathered across the breadth of the city. The evenings within the walls of the now floating city were well reputed to be magical. Dancers took to the street corners to the tune of instruments playing with no bard to guide them. A stark contrast to all manner of horrors that lurked beyond the tall outer walls. It was a time for celebration.. But for the sillouhette of a man sat alone among loved-up couples at small nestle of tables outside the wine merchants; It was a time of quiet respite, a time to collect his thoughts..

Jayse sat oblivious to the carnival atmosphere about him. Mind wandering over the events of the past few weeks. Every detail echoing over and over as he stared across the street to the Hero's Welcome. He'd been sat there for the full day, watching, waiting. Patiently looking for the slightest hint of his quarry. He was tired, this much was certain in appearence. Unable to sleep and caring little for the unkept beard he now wore, he remained motionless save for fleeting movements as he took a sip from the now cold cup of coffee nursed for the past two hours.

There was no sign of Miles. Perhaps it was a good thing, at present he didn't really know what he would do should the architect himself walk right up and tap him on the shoulder. A soft sigh broke the personal silence, rubbing tired eyes with thumb and fingers. Almost pressing them back into his skull in sheer frustration. How could he have not seen this coming? Leaning back heavily to the chair he slouched, resting an ankle to a knee bouncing rapidly with involuntary unrest. The small amounts of coin left in his pocket were dissapearing fast. He hadn't eaten for days and refusing to steal his stomach protested with dull cramp. It would pass, he could survive without eating. But rest was another matter.. He needed to sleep, or at least try to before he collapsed. One more cigarette while he waited, would probably quell the hunger and relax him just enough to make his way back to the makeshift room he'd rented at the Cantrip's.

"Excuse me.. Sir?" Jayse jarred slightly as the light silvery tones of a Quel'Dori woman roused him from focus. "I'm sorry to disturb but a letter was left for you.. would you like some more coffee?" She smiled with an inclined head as her soft cyan eyes met his, setting an envelope to the table and didn't wait for response, simply refilling his mug before slowly turning back indoors.

Jayse watched her for a long moment, drawn to the teasing haughty swivel in her hips as she stepped back through the door. His stomach sank slightly, feeling his neck flush as he looked back to the envelope, slowly sliding it toword him then ripped the seal. Exhaling smoke gently as his eyes darted rapidly around the vicinity.

With the envelope cast discarded to the table, he took a sip from the steaming mug and unfolded the letter..

You don't know who I am but I know who you are. You don't have much time. SI:7 know's your in Dalaran and they've been watching you. Forget about Miles for the moment and stand up slowly, leave the coffee and head straight for the trade quarter.. If you want to get out of this alive you simply have no choice but to trust me.

If you don't beleive me.. look behind you..

Jayse froze for a moment and setting the mug down on the table, looked slowly over his shoulder. The couple behind him, a man and woman having spent the past hour talking of marriage plans and giggling sweet nothings, were now looking right at him. The loud explosions above drowned by the fammilar sound of a pistol's hammer drawn back.

The man's cold face broke for a fleeting moment, placing a hand to temple he spoke directly. The words spurring a sudden build of adrenaline within his blood, his heart pounded. Jayse suddenly ran in a propulsion of movement, springing like a startled hare in slow motion. The table sent crashing to the side into another couple with a loud scream as both coffee and wine took flight and showered nearby patrons.

"We've found him"

Arm yourself because no one else here will save you.. The odds will betray you.. and I will replace you..

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Re: Dalaran Red

Post by Valerias on Tue Jul 20, 2010 6:16 am

My favourite of yours yet. You're really developing a flair for mixing description and action, something I find really tough. More, please! (and I reckon you should get your own story section, mister.)

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