Personal Time

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Personal Time

Post by Jayse on Fri Jul 16, 2010 8:52 am

The harbour was quiet. A stark comparison both fammiliar and welcome to the bustle of the days usual activity. The cool salty breeze drifting lazily ashore dancing with sails and hanging ropes as if celebrating the festivities of summer. The creature known as Stormwind slept under a blanket of twilight save for the occassional guard patrol by lantern; and the figure of a man stood atop a first floor balcony, unseen save for a gently glowing orange light, briefly illuminating a face.

Jayse offered a brief glance down as the jarring clatter of plate boots faded slowly into the distance, leaving behind an almost deafening silence. Already awake barely an hour before dawn broke, this was his time. While the city lay in slumber he stood watchful, a silent guardian only existing in the hearsay and drunken embellished gossip among low-lit taverns and backstreets. His time now, however, was not for work. His time now was to enjoy the brief moments of normality his life ill afforded.

Taking one last glance about the harbour and with an insignificant flick, the remains of his cigarette spun to the cobbled streets below. Turning back inside the room he grabbed his satchel and stopped standing over his son sleeping soundly, bundled up in a wooden cot. A soft smile crept forth as he shook his head. He'd never known how it was to be so blissfully unaware, bearing no weight in mind nor shoulder and simply wishing for the attention he gave to him. Kaden was a handful but even being so young he was good natured, would never stamp on insects for the fun; fascinated by lights and sounds and adored Saxon, whom slept in vigilance beside the cot; truly man's best friend. He chuckled softly to himself yet his brief moments of affectionate thought washed away as the cathedral rang out four bells. Sliding his satchel over his back Jayse turned for the balcony, closing the door gently behind. Adjusting gloves with outstretched fingers his lips curled a smirk as he glanced upward and vaulted to grab the overhanging woodframe. Recoiling his body to flip up to the roof in a silent smooth movement. He crouched, glancing across the shalestone canopy, for the next hour this city was his own. It was time to have some fun..

There was nothing in the way to stop him, his body fluid in motion. Every step particular, every leap graceful, every landing silent. Like a black panther in the masonry jungle, giving it's imaginary prey relentless chase. He was running, and he would stop for nothing. If it wern't for his dark armour and faceless hood you would see him grinning with pure freedom. Going where he pleased, swinging from flagpoles, sliding across walls and leaping insane gaps over the city streets to adjecent rooftops, nothing could hold him back. Nothing would dare hold him back. The cathedral being a particular favourite to traverse. It's akward spires and sheer vertical surfaces gave him some challenge to keep his momentum. A challenge he relished with great hunger.

As he neared the Dwarven district his vision tunneled. Periferal vision blurring as he focused on nothing but the next surface, would he take the easy route and slide across the awning or be a little daring and run along the wall trying to beat his last mornings flair? Daring, he grinned to himself, he would always pick daring and with that he lept shifting weight and ran across the wall. glancing down to take in the rush, a momentary weightlessness with his frame cutting the still air. Landing to the distant roof in sideways tumble and he ran once again. He would stop for nothing, not even the fact he was rapidly running out of rooftop. The gap to the market rapidly approaching, he should slow down surely yet he simply sped up. Pushing his body to it's physical limit, his heart pounding with a euphoric surge of adrenaline. He could hear nothing but the thunder of drums, pulse deafening, skin tingling, body tense, vision darkening and focused intently on a single roof some thirty feet away on the other side of the canals.. The last step sprung him to the air, close to release, lustful whispers of desire building to a climatic echo of song only for him only, the world decended to an indigo hue, shadows rapidly caressing his frame.. A flash of dark fire.. He vanished leaving only a faint smell of shadow to dissipate behind him, one only fammiliar to some.

A small flock of pigeons scattered in panic as he appeard from thin air and skidded almost sideways across the shale roofing, having traversed the full distance he allowed himself to cascade haphazardly landing on his back, sliding a short distance before he came to rest staring at the pastel blues and violets of dawn's approach. He was soaked, lightheaded yet he smiled and almost laughed as best he could gathering his breath. Raising his arms to the sky in personal triumph with clenched fists and rolled backward to his knee's and stood, embracing shadows slowly letting him go with a lingering kiss.. Invisible audiences below silently cheering with building hysteria to showmanship they never witnessed. He didn't need admiration, the victory was his own.

Turning to the market he pulled back his hood, ready to claim his trophy. A cigarette, brought to his smirking lips then lit from a single match. The city began to stir; the lover whom he'd spent this morning, murmuring softly she caressed his damp hair with the breezes teasing fingers. Jayse stood silent for a brief moment setting his jaw to let smoke simply drift from this mouth, eyes locked on the marketplace. He gathered himself, walking purposefully toword the gates. The sounds and smells of the market's opening slowly fading as the cathedral rang out five bells, he was already gone. Dissapearing to the darker reaches of the forest less travelled by most.. The fun wasn't over yet..

Arm yourself because no one else here will save you.. The odds will betray you.. and I will replace you..

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Re: Personal Time

Post by Valerias on Fri Jul 16, 2010 10:59 am

Quite the good read! I find Jayse a particularly interesting character so obviously I'm a little biased, but I always enjoy seeing snapshots and images of characters' lives, what makes them who they are in addition to what's RPed. You've some lovely images: the description of Jayse slipping into the shadow as he made that last leap, for example. And although the sentence describing it is a little awkward, I love the combining of the stirring city and the morning breezes with the memory of a lover's touch. Nice stuff.

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