[H] The Tempered Fist Warband

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[H] The Tempered Fist Warband

Post by Mallea/Trollmeat on Wed Jul 14, 2010 8:17 pm

The Tempered Fist had only returned to Orgrimmar an hour ago, but its troops were long gone. The captain had immediately given the men the afternoon and following day's leave upon their arrival, knowing how exhausted they were, and was now leaning against a stack of weapons crates in the Valley of Honour reading through his orders again.

The Warband had been formed from the decimated remains of battallions and regiments whose advances in Northrend had fallen upon disaster. Their survivors had simply been drawn together into a new unit, and Sek'Lah (or Trollmeat as he was more commonly known) had been selected to lead them. That had been several months ago, and with the war in Northrend drawing to a close the Tempered Fist had been withdrawn to Kalimdor to consolidate in preparation for future duties. At least, that's what the letter in the Captain's hand said.

"Whatcha t'inkin, Kuwanyauma?" He asked, looking up at the armoured Tauren beside him. She shook her head.
"I don't know, Meat. It was good of you to give 'em the time off. We both know they've been through the grinder and all, but..." She tailed off.
"Wha'? Some of dem got families, mon. Dey need a lil' time." He paused for a moment before adding "An' call me Sir."
"Well, Sir, I'm wondering how many of them will bother coming back now they're so close to home. I know some of them weren't thrilled at having to join this unit rather than one of their own."
Trollmeat nodded slowly at this, scratching his chin.
"Aye, it was a risk lettin' 'em go. We go' precious few soldiahs lef' withou' dem desertin' us now dey got da chance. Bu' as I see it, all dat means is we cut away da dead weight, don' it? Da ones dat come back'll be da best we 'ad, dem dat don'... Well, maybe we're bettah off lookin' for new blood."
"We'll need a lot of it then, Meat. Unless you want some Kor'kron general bawling at you when he hears we haven't the manpower to pull off our next assignment."
"Well den Lieutenant, we'd bes' get recruitin'! Dey won' find da fist sleepin' when da Alliance come knockin', will dey?"
Kuwanyauma grinned broadly as the two of them pulled on their helmets, setting off in the direction of the nearest tavern.

So! Me and Kuwanyauma, better known to many as Jazeel, have decided to pull this scheme together.
Looking at Horde RP at the moment, it appears somewhat dominated by racial guilds. While this promotes some fantastic RP with inter-faction rivalries and the like, it does leave the door open for a more pro-horde guild; one that embraces the partnership between races rather than seeing it as a tedious necessity.

It's for that reason that we've decided to set up the Tempered Fist Warband, a ragtag collection of soldiers of all races fighting under a single banner for the one cause that truly matters: Cracking Alliance skulls. We'll focus upon RP and W-PvP for the most part, with a keen eye out for any chances to get into a good fight. The guild is of course military themed, with players of all races and levels welcome. If you're interested in the idea of of it, feel free to drop me or Kuwanyauma an in-game mail or whisper, or visit this hastily contructed forum.

That is all.

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Re: [H] The Tempered Fist Warband

Post by itsy on Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:46 am

Please join the guild I am all alone with Trollmeat and he smells funny ;_;

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Re: [H] The Tempered Fist Warband

Post by Gesh on Thu Jul 15, 2010 12:11 pm

If i had the time or toon to spare. I would whole heartedly, leap right into this. I love the concept and i feel it's exactly what we need, abit more IC unity to explore the other side of Horde Rp. In-fighting is only fun to a degree, for me atleast.

But based off knowing Mallea/Trollmeat, I can give my whole-hearted opinion it's gonna be one hell of a guild, i'll do my best to shepard recruits your way.

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Re: [H] The Tempered Fist Warband

Post by Thenkar on Thu Jul 15, 2010 3:35 pm

So... That was the tauren the Cult managed to pester in Orgrimmar...

Still, I wish you good luck! May the Alliance heads gather around you for reaping!
Unfortunately I don't really have time to RP more than two characters properly, so I have to side with Vect in silent support.
Get yourselves seen, survive through the summer and you're bound to blossom.

Also, Jazeel, you'll get used to the smell. Wink


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Re: [H] The Tempered Fist Warband

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