Holy men and women do not belong in prison

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Holy men and women do not belong in prison

Post by John Helsythe Amaltheria on Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:51 pm

At Westbrook garrison

Did you placed the explosives on the roof, brother Aran?
Yes, brother Elaion.

There they stood again, side by side, another adventure... One full of troubles like always.

Glory under the light...
...Glory under the light.

Flames started to decorate the dark sky, combined with quite some smoke, right after a huge explosion.

What was that? Argent guards rally! To the roof, to the roof!

The two chaptarians entered the fortress through the maingate. Before they knew it they were inside, searching the place. They spotted a guard heading into the cellar, locking the door. Elaion nodded at Aran with a slight grin. Another explosion followed, the door which was blocking the entrance to the cellar was no longer being an obstacle. They rushed inside.

Help! They are at the prisoners!

It was too late, the guard got shot, his body dropped to the ground. Chains were being removed with toxic and force as other guards entered the cellar, the battle was far from finished.
Clashing weapons, groans of agony, blood on the wall. It would be a close call if one watched the scene as a spectator, or.. would it be? Another chaptarian, after the first two, entered the cellar to aid her brothers and sisters. Both sides became tired, both sides were wounded. The thing was, the chapter outnumbered the guards greatly, especially now the chaptarians who were being held captive were freed from their chains.

Enough! Surrender already - NO ONE may oppose us warriors of the light! We have a sacred duty to fulfill! Being an obstacle to us is being an obstacle to the light!

Wether the guards wanted to surrender or not, it did not matter. They were finished, the Chapter stood victorious. No one could argue on this matter. Sure, they now are exiled from Stormwind, but does it really matter? They have discovered new enemies and are even more eager to vanquish their already excisting enemies. They will operate from elsewhere, but surely the enemies of the light are still not save within the great white walls of Stormwind? In fact, they better start running. Then again, no one can run away from light's wrath and justice. Not for ever atleast...


(( A short story about what happened - <3 Raso! ))
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Re: Holy men and women do not belong in prison

Post by Rasonal Dranger on Tue Jun 29, 2010 6:04 pm

(( was fun! ))
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