[A] The Opposing Force

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[A] The Opposing Force

Post by Tiberos on Sun Jun 27, 2010 7:20 am

As peaceful as the Kingdom might seem, there are people working every second to bend it to their own will. Whether they are disciples under the Light, cultists obeying the powers of Shadow, or just simple thieves and bandits struggling to stay alive, they are still making a huge impact on this glorious Kingdom by making other's lives miserable.

Every day innocent people suffer under the hands of these orders, organizations and cults. By abusing magical powers, the strength of their weapons, or by simply manipulating those not aware of it, these groups use their cause as an excuse to hurt.

Killing and torturing in the name of the Light is a normal excuse for the wicked and fanatic, yet, what help does it give to "the Greater Good"? It biases and influences, enhances the fear in the heart of the civilians, and restricts people of all races and kinds to not live their lives to it's full potential. Keep in mind that these people are fanatics, because you will find Light-followers within our organization aswell.

But fear not! The Opposing Force is a group of people working against the extremists for the sake of righteousness, freedom and justice! By pledging allegiance to The Force you will gain the organization's trust and protection in addition to meeting new likeminded people from all kind of different cultures; people with different beliefs and interests, whether it be practizising warfare or use of magic. The Force is democratically organized even if it is under leadership, so every voice will be heard and discussed if necessary.

If this caught your interest, send a letter to «Phobos» regarding recruitment, but if it did not, keep in mind that the acorn is the symbol of patience and the fruition of long, hard labor, which is exactly what is needed to change the world. The symbol of The Opposing Force.

Out of Character Information:
TOF is a newly created guild with ideas based on Therese, Tiberos', and somewhat Marticore's In Character beliefs. The guild is supposed to be a freedom fighting guild where everyone, no matter race, gender, occupation or beliefs can join, as long as they fight for the guild's cause. Whether you are a poor thief, a strong believer in the Light, or a person playing with shadow magic, you can find your place within the guild.
Right now we are lacking members since we just got started, so it will probably take some time to get up to speed with this whole organization/cult, any help or advice is greatly appreciated.

If you have any questions, contact Theresé or Tibéros in-game, and if you wish to join, send a letter to Tibéros (Phobos) in-game. Thank you for reading and hope to hear from you (in one way or another!)

There is some further information (Background story with more to come) on this wiki-page: http://defiaseu.wikia.com/wiki/The_Opposing_Force

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