The latest Farglade

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The latest Farglade

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 20, 2010 7:36 am

So, I tried a little new way of writing. Not sure if its any good. But gladly take feedback on it. Here goes the story, enjoy.


My eye sweeps through the records. Family name after family name.
I turn page and so does my eye continue to scan the names.

A sudden feeling stings me, and I look down at my finger at the Ring of Eternal Terror.
So this is how my magnificent life unfolded? From a nameless soldier in Lordaeron, to a faithful man of the Light, devolutioned into a fanatical leader, betraying them and live a life of disguise, an assassin. And now? Now, I am turning to demonic and shadowy arts, to enhance my capability of hunting those who needs hunting.

Chapter to start with, then more. Sophyra suggested we kidnapped Osmand, the shabby monk. It was even her idea to gouge his eye out, as a lil' avenging of my own loss. And I could do not but approve. I liked the idea, I like.. the idea.

Avery is dead, my so called sister. She might not be my actual sister, but care for her I had. And I highly doubt she took suicide in Stormwind when she last was seen with the Chapter in Darkshire. No.. Regelius murdered her, that is how it is. I am sure.
And so he shall pay, he's not going to have taken two women I care for away.

He claims I would have slew Renhali, I did not even know of her disappearing. Sigh.. ignorrant fool. I'd not harm her in a thousand life times.

Once Sophyra have taught me what I need, it is time to put 'Nightfall' into motion.

Wait what's tha-...

Rain Lieuth, Leiyla Lieuth, -Rayne- Lieuth. I found her!
I start to read through their family records, and then something I had not ever expected. Her mothers maiden name is Farglade. My aunt.. that means the little brat is my cousin.

I lean back into the chair, this sudden shock haven taking control of me. Softly do I close the books I had been scanning and puts them back to their place. I stand up and slides downstairs and escapes out into the streets of Stormwind.

I have a living relative without having known it? Light's sake...


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Re: The latest Farglade

Post by Valerias on Sat Jul 03, 2010 8:13 am

I enjoyed it, picking up the bits of information that come through while listening to his stream of consciousness. A little bit of the past, a few hints at the future -- keeps things interesting!

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