His demise, her freedom

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His demise, her freedom

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:11 am

Right, so as you know. Gorge was transfered into Trave.. and Gorge had to go somewhere. I thought I'd give him one last laugh.


His laughter echoes in the hallway as the blood from the throat of a soldier spills upon the floor. Oh the ever so satisfying feeling of taking a life. Damning their soul, the taste of their blood on his rotten lips. The liquids of their eyeballs sipping down his dry throat.

But it was not only for satisfaction. It was a need, his curse. And this particular time, he was out for someone. For her.

The candles of the dark hallway flickers as he rushes onwards, his nose finding the way. He let his dagger run along the wall as he run, making it cling in a horryfing way. She shall know he is here to finish what he started.

"What is going on d-down there?"
A fairly young woman, with pitch black hair neatly tied up on the back of her head stood by the corner of the hallway, her trembling was noted from afar.
He steps out from the dark, his head tilting as he looks at her, and slowly it dawns to her this man is dead, the rotten skin, the bones sticking out from the most absurd places.

Elizabeth lets out a squeel as she runs down the corridor, she runs into her room and slams the door behind her, making sure to lock it before diving behind a chair to hide.

Everything is silent, and the silence last for many minutes. Suddenly it feels like hours but Elizabeth just crawls together wrapping her arms around her legs, wimpering in the silence.
But then from the door a crack takes her attention back to reality. And shortly after a clawed fist breaks through the door and pulls back.

Again silence, but shortly after a face looks through the hole. The face being so horrid, lacking an eye, just an empty hole into the black depth that is his head. The undead licks his lips and opens his mouth as to say something, but hesitates.

"He can't think of a thing to say..."
With a snarl he pushes his arm in again and searches for the lock, unlocking the door, kicking it up wide open. His dark hair hanging down over his face, a maniac's smirk on the lips.

"Get away from me!"
The woman yells, completely frightened by the abomination now slowly walking over to her, his daggers drawn and a cackle more frightening than any other. Pure insanity, sending shivers down your spine.

"He was not only going to rape you, child. But take your life. Unfortunately... you were saved. He can not let that go on.. he have been looking for you. Yes, he have indeed..."

Gorge grabs the chair and tosses it aside, he leans down to her and lets his tongue run over her cheek. The woman too scared to do anything. He straightens himself and resumes his maniac cackle before he sends his dagger towards her chest.

"Dag', don't do it."
Elizabeth for a brief moment had turned into a woman he knew, but could not recall. Gorge drops the dagger and staggers backwards. For once in his undeath life, he was scared.
He looks to his arm covered in leather straps, he starts to claw at them to reveal his skin.

And there it is.. carved into his skin. 'Isold Tarswain'.

"No.. what have I done.."
Gorge stares down at the name, everything comes back to him. But not long can he take the overwhelming memories in before his face is scorned, holy fire burning it. He lets out a yell of pain and stares at Elizabeth just to find her pushing his own dagger into his chest.

He turns around dropping his other dagger, and faces a mirror. And what he see, is not himself. Not what he ever wanted to be. He looks down at the dagger and grabs it to pull it out. But then he feels the breathing on his neck, the warm breath of life.
And then the feeling of skin, muscles and bones being ripped apart, ripped open and cracking apart. His entire back being sliced open.

He feels how everything darkens for him, the sting when his heart gets stabbed from his open wound. Again, and again and again. Gorge turns around, looking at Elizabeth. If he could produce tears, this would be it. His face showing only sadness.

"Please.. for-forgive me.."

And then everything goes black, he falls to the floor. A lifeless corpse atlong last.

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Re: His demise, her freedom

Post by Valerias on Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:19 am

I don't know anything about Gorge, unfortunately, but this really was interesting... all the hints and the subtleties. And some good images! Eyeball juice... whoo.

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Re: His demise, her freedom

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:25 am

Thanks. :3

Gorge is just a forsaken who turned mad/insane once the free will hit. Due to everything he lost, and the promises her "broke".
He had a fetish for eating eyeballs, especially human ones. But most humanoids worked.

His weak link too, many abused it to make him do their work. Paying in eyeballs. He's a madman with -no- limits.

Again, thanks!


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Re: His demise, her freedom

Post by (Goggy) - Exilius on Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:23 am

Nifty story!

I know the heavy influence and idol, but someone ought to carry on the Legacy!

But then again, you transferred and left him to gorge and rot away! D:<
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Re: His demise, her freedom

Post by Guest on Wed Jun 16, 2010 11:33 am

Sowwy.. :<

Cred's to Creep. <3 He made Gorge, tbh.


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Re: His demise, her freedom

Post by Elízabéth Moren on Wed Jun 16, 2010 1:15 pm

Vengeance. It is mine.

Very well written, indeed!

*Feels special having killed a Cult of Shadow member IC*

*Hugs Trave in a wild happy-fest*
Elízabéth Moren

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Re: His demise, her freedom

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