The Laws of Andorhal

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The Laws of Andorhal

Post by Rasonal Dranger on Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:04 pm

*The following is spread around Forsaken settlements, and all over Andorhal and the area near by it, including Chillwind camp*

Here by are the laws of the occupied Andorhal:

The entire zone known as the "Western Plaguelands" (A.K.A. 'Plaguelands'), Begining from the Bulwark to the west, and ends at the bridge above Thondroil River to the east, is a war zone, including, but no limited to, the Ruins of Andorhal (A.K.A. 'Andorhal'). Due to that, the following is implied:

Any Non-Horde who enters Andorhal without a clearance should be killed on sight.

Anyone, Horde or Non-Horde, can be barred from entrance without giving a reason. This is due to that the war effort effort comes first before the needs or rights of a person or persons in the war zone.

Rituals and religeous practices from an Horde member is allowed as long as it does not come into intereferances with the war effort, and are recommended if they support the war effort. These (the later) collectively are not to be fround upon or disregarded.

Criminals will be judged by an officer of one of the Fighting groups. If Forsaken, by a Forsaken, if other then forsaken- under an Army trial. (This in order to save the costs and time, and put them into the endless war effort.)

Crimes will be judged all equal despite Race and Status.

In addition to those above, due to the nature of this war, the purpose of this brutal Living Campaign- nothing but genocide upon the Forsaken, the following will be implide aswell:

Any Non-Horde war prisoner can be treated as wished, tortured to get all the possible information out, and executed or kept alive to spread terror into the enemy- unless a specific order tells diffrent.
Any spy within the Horde who is caught and captured, shall be treated the same way as a war prisoner.

The war effort comes above all, the Allaince are the enemy, and they will do everything to destroy the Forsaken nation and its allies- the Living of the allaince came in the purpose to comit genocide upon the Forsaken nation, and due to that, a fair fight can not be given to them. We shall fight with all our means, with everything we got, until the enemy is not able to threaten our lands any longer.

Power to the Forsaken! For the Might of the Horde!

Dranger Rasonal, Darkcaller of the Cult of Shadow, representing the Undercity forces, the Forsaken Nation.

Kristeas Sunbinder, Sin Drassil of Sin Belore, Representing the Forces of Silvermoon, the eternal Kingdom of Quel'thalas.

Sinclair Simmones, High Inquisitor of the Cult of Shadow, Representing the Undercity Forces, the Royal Apothecary Society.

Thenkar Shadowborn, Shadowpope of the Cult of Shadow, representing the Forgotten Shadow's will.
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Re: The Laws of Andorhal

Post by Kristeas Sunbinder on Sun Jun 13, 2010 2:48 pm

((*watches as the belf and the orcs go back home*))
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